AMERICANS IN PARIS: Brave Trio Shows How to Takedown Cowardly Gunmen (photo)
Aug 22, 2015,

Three young Americans who overpowered a heavily armed gunman on a train in northern France yesterday are being hailed as heroes this weekend for their swift takedown of the would-be mass murderer. 

Aug 22, 2015,

Police say the Maine maniac who stabbed a Shaws supermarket shopper to death for no reason this week has confessed, sparing authorities the unnecessary formality of launching a major investigation. 

K9 Bear Credited With Jared Fogle Bust (photo)
Aug 21, 2015,

Tech-sniffing K9 ‘Bear’ was instrumental in the Jared Fogel bust, when the black Lab found a secreted flash drive during last month’s raid on the disenfranchised Subway Guy’s Indiana home. 

Is #BlackLivesMatter Activist Shaun King Another Rachel Dolezal Poser?
Aug 21, 2015,

#BlackLivesMatter activist Shaun King is accused of being another Rachel Dolezal poser, after it's been revealed that his birth certificate identifies both of his biological parents as Caucasian. 

BIT AND SCRATCHED: Subway Rider-Biter At Large in NYC
Aug 21, 2015,

The NYPD is seeking a subway rider who bit, scratched and shoved another female passenger for merely attempting to claim the seat beside her. 

KISS AND KIDDIE PORN: Home of Gene Simmons Searched by LAPD
Aug 21, 2015,

The LAPD’s internet crime division is probing a Kiss and kiddie porn connection at the California home of the rock group’s eccentric frontman, Gene Simmons. 

The Fragile Peace of Nascent Nation Liberland (population zero)
Aug 20, 2015,

Nobody lives in the nascent nation called the Free Republic of Liberland, but a lack of people there doesn’t mean that power skirmishes and land grabs can’t still happen.