Suspicious Whale Deaths in Alaska Probed by NOAA
Aug 23, 2015,

NOAA is investigating dozens of suspicious whale deaths in Alaska during a seemingly unstoppable and “unusual mortality event” that began in May of this year. 

CONGRESSMAN: Federal Whistleblower Gunman Snapped in NYC
Aug 23, 2015,

The NYC federal-building gunman was a noble whistleblower who finally snapped over a longstanding “raw deal” he’d been dealt by the U.S. government, according to a New Jersey congressman. 

#XXX The Ashley Madison Mess (at a glance)
Aug 22, 2015,

#XXX MESS: For Ashley Madison owners and members, it was about this time a month ago that hackers warned there’d be epic marital meltdowns if the two-timers and the host site didn’t mend their wicked ways. 

#XXX - The Ashley Madison Mess (at a glance)
Aug 22, 2015,






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AMERICANS IN PARIS: Brave Trio Shows How to Takedown Cowardly Gunmen (photo)
Aug 22, 2015,

Three young Americans who overpowered a heavily armed gunman on a train in northern France yesterday are being hailed as heroes this weekend for their swift takedown of the would-be mass murderer. 

Aug 22, 2015,

Police say the Maine maniac who stabbed a Shaws supermarket shopper to death for no reason this week has confessed, sparing authorities the unnecessary formality of launching a major investigation. 

K9 Bear Credited With Jared Fogle Bust (photo)
Aug 21, 2015,

Tech-sniffing K9 ‘Bear’ was instrumental in the Jared Fogel bust, when the black Lab found a secreted flash drive during last month’s raid on the disenfranchised Subway Guy’s Indiana home.