KISS AND KIDDIE PORN: Home of Gene Simmons Searched by LAPD
Aug 21, 2015,

The LAPD’s internet crime division is probing a Kiss and kiddie porn connection at the California home of the rock group’s eccentric frontman, Gene Simmons. 

The Fragile Peace of Nascent Nation Liberland (population zero)
Aug 20, 2015,

Nobody lives in the nascent nation called the Free Republic of Liberland, but a lack of people there doesn’t mean that power skirmishes and land grabs can’t still happen. 

#BREAKING Bruce Jenner Faces Possible Manslaughter Charges in LA
Aug 20, 2015,

#BREAKING NEWS: Los Angeles police confirm Bruce Jenner faces possible manslaughter charges for the fatal multicar crash he caused on a Malibu freeway last winter. 

Motive in Maine Knifing A Mystery (mugshot)
Aug 20, 2015,

Police are still in the dark about the motive for a fatal knifing attack yesterday on a 60-year-old shopper at a Shaws supermarket in Maine. 

Aug 20, 2015,

A Boston cop has been charged with battering a woman during a domestic dispute at his home on Tuesday. 

Cases Trending This Week on Crime Magazine (August 20, 2015)
Aug 20, 2015,

As the #DogDays of summer start smothering us again, it’s big cats and fat cats who are dominating headlines this week on Crime Magazine. Here are some of the cases and judicial contests we’re closely watching:

Detroit Tiger Captured (Milwaukee Lion still at large)
Aug 19, 2015,

A real life Detroit Tiger has been captured and the jerk who left it behind during a photo shoot gone awry at the defunct Packard auto-plant this month is under investigation.