Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is freelance journalist from Sheffield, England with a first-class degree in Journalism from Sheffield Hallam University. For the last two years, he has specialized in crime reporting. He was a reporter for the Rotherham Advertiser and the Whitby Gazette and is currently an independent correspondent for a London-based current affairs website. He also has his own website where he regularly produces new content at
Apr 14, 2013
Winton Cooper Popular BBC reporter Winton Cooper was brutally murdered by his own son. by Ben Johnson Staff at the BBC, one of the most high-profile broadcasting companies in the world, was left in shock after the January 2013 trial of a violent murderer who bludgeoned a...
Jan 28, 2013
Krystian Bala A reporter emerges from obscurity by writing exclusive articles about the serial-murder victims he killed; an aspiring crime writer murders for a good plot. by Ben Johnson Murder and the media have always gone hand in hand. Some of the greatest and most...
Nov 19, 2012
Stephen Farrow In early 2012 two sadistic, purposeless murders shocked Great Britain like few others have in terms of public revulsion. by Ben Johnson The sentencing of a British man who perpetrated two of the most sadistic murders the UK has ever seen took place in...
Oct 29, 2012
Jack the Ripper's "From Hell" Letter From Jack the Ripper through B.T.K. in Wichita, Kansas, certain serial killers crave media attention to chronicle their infamous deeds. by Ben Johnson The relationship between serial killers and the media is one that has spanned...