Are Troubled Yellowstone and Yosemite Ground Zero for the Apocalypse?
Aug 16, 2015,

Is it the beginning of the end of the world as we know it, or did Yellowstone and Yosemite parks simply get hexed this year? 

Susan Sarandon Joins Dead-Man-Walking Nun to Save Doomed Inmate in OK
Aug 16, 2015,

Susan Sarandon has joined forces with the nun she portrayed in ‘Dead Man Walking’ in a desperate eleventh-hour bid to rescue an indigent Oklahoma inmate scheduled to be put to death next month. 

Husband of Missing Woman Found Safe Booked for Battering Her.
Aug 16, 2015,

The husband of missing woman Connie Ditto, who was found safe Friday after mysteriously disappearing last week and sending him an odd text message, was booked this weekend for battering her. 

Royals to Reporters: We Are Not Amused (stop bugging Prince George)
Aug 15, 2015,

British royals are not amused with the antics of prying reporters and paparazzi to get photos of Prince George and have therefore issued an appeal for the nonsense to stop. 

Driver Who Said Her Dog Caused Crash Busted for DUI
Aug 15, 2015,

Florida police say the drunk driver who blamed her dog for a single-vehicle crash last week in Orlando has been busted for DUI. 

A High Conspiracy to Kill Unravels in CA
Aug 15, 2015,

Nine prominent perps are finally in jail for a high conspiracy to kill in 2012 that steadily unraveled in the years since they committed it.