Bridge Jumper IDd But Still At Large in CA
Aug 14, 2015,

Frisco officials announced today that a female bridge jumper has finally been identified but still remains at large. 

Bridge Jumper IDd But Still #AtLarge in CA
Aug 14, 2015,





OOPS -- we goofed -- here is the #Kickass Criminal article you were looking for!

Pop Tart Baby Killer Charged in OH
Aug 14, 2015,

A suspect who said a toddler in his care choked while eating a Pop Tart this weekend in Ohio has been charged with the boy’s murder. 

MISSING: Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin (Connecticut)
Aug 14, 2015,

Police are labeling the disappearance of Jeffrey and Jeannette Navin “suspicious.” 

Aug 14, 2015,

Police in Alaska are searching for a man who wore a “very realistic” bear suit to harass an authentic bear and her two real cubs while the trio was salmon fishing this week. 

Son Saves Dad from Ax-Murdering Mom Wearing Camo (court photo)
Aug 13, 2015,

A would be ax-murdering mom wearing camouflage and a facemask was foiled by her son while she lay in wait to kill his dad -- her ex husband.