More Arrests Due in 1975 Cold Case Murders [Maryland]
Jul 17, 2015,

Police promise more arrests in the 1975 cold case disappearance and suspected murders of two young Maryland sisters. 

Over 40 Arrests for 30-Year-Old Man from RI
Jul 16, 2015,

A 30-year-old beneficiary of revolving-door justice has just been arrested for the 41st time. 

Dallas Airport Drug Cartel BUSTED
Jul 16, 2015,

A ring of 46 drug traffickers using the Dallas Airport as their main hub of operation was busted yesterday in a sting that federal agents indicate was first launched in 2013. 

Depp, Pistol, Boo and Amber Update: Arrest Warrant for Dog Smuggling Issued [Australia]
Jul 16, 2015,

Australia’s acting like a dog with a bone over Johnny Depp’s pintsized terriers entering the country without permission this past spring. 

Ruthless Rubbernecker Who Filmed Deadly Ohio Crash Arrested.
Jul 16, 2015,

A ruthless rubbernecker who filmed the aftermath of a deadly Ohio auto crash -- calling the victims names while refusing to aid them -- has been arrested this week for his callous crime. 

Severed Legs Found at New Haven Train Station [and at least one arm]
Jul 16, 2015,

A pair of severed legs and “at least one arm” have been found rotting at a train station in New Haven Connecticut yesterday. and authorities aren’t even sure if they belong to the same victim. 

MISSING 40 YEARS: Arrest in Sisters Cold Case Brings Clarity But Not Closure [photos]
Jul 15, 2015,

The world was not a safer place 40 years ago when 12-year-old Sheila Lyon and her 10-year-old sister Katherine went missing … it’s just that children in their era were more naive and trusting.