Food Network Killer Cooked Victims (pics)
Mar 22, 2015, - 0 Comments

The Food Network killer of three cooked his victims in an oven, North Carolina authorities say, and it may not be the first time he’s done such a tasteless thing.  

#PROFILING SUSPECTS (it works and we all do it)
Mar 21, 2015, - 0 Comments

Simply put, when profiling is done right and done for all the right reasons, it works, and the world’s a safer place because of it. 

#ALERT Nude Beaded Girl’s ID Sought (photo)
Mar 21, 2015, - 0 Comments

ALERT: A nude beaded girl’s ID sought by Florida police still remains a mystery today, as well as the young lady’s present whereabouts. 

Hanged Black Man Last Seen Gambling (Case Update)
Mar 20, 2015, - 0 Comments

The FBI says a hanged black man in Claiborne County Mississippi was last seen alive in early March 2015 gambling at a state casino.  

Womb Raider: Worst Craigslist Crime Yet
Mar 20, 2015, - 0 Comments

A woman guilty of the worst Craigslist crime to date is being held on $2-million bail, pending additional charges for homicide and a complete psychiatric evaluation.  

#eclipse2015: A Solar Eclipse and Crime
Mar 20, 2015, - 0 Comments

A solar eclipse is upon us, blocking out the sun and striking awe and trepidation in all who view the celestial happening, but is mass hysteria really justified? 

FBI: Possible Lynching in Mississippi
Mar 19, 2015, - 0 Comments

A possible lynching in Mississippi is being investigated by the FBI right now, with federal agents working the case in conjunction with the state’s law enforcement agencies.