Stoned Motorist Posed With Cop for Selfie During Arrest for Driving While Stoned (photo)
Aug 11, 2015,

A gleefully stoned motorist posed with a cop for a selfie during his arrest for driving while stoned, then posted it on his Snapchat account. 

Missing Boy Found Dead in the Grand Canyon Wilderness [Arizona]
Aug 11, 2015,

Police said there’s no obvious sign of foul play on a missing boy found dead in the Grand Canyon wilderness yesterday. 

Cases Developing and Trending This Week on Crime Magazine (8/11/15)
Aug 11, 2015,

Custody, kayaks, criminals and, of course, killings are trending this week on Crime Magazine. Here are the top cases and case developments we’re closely following: 

Yellowstone Supervolcano is a Nuclear Timebomb (photo)
Aug 10, 2015,

Scientist are warning that a Yellowstone supervolcano is a nuclear timebomb just waiting for the ideal conditions to go off … again. 

Jackass Star Steve-O Busted for SeaWorld Sucks Protest (mugshot)
Aug 10, 2015,

Animal rights activist and Jackass star Steve-O has been arrested for a SeaWorld protest this weekend that was mistakenly perceived by onlookers as a suicide jump. 

Windows 10 Warning (Upgrade Lets Microsoft Spy On You)
Aug 10, 2015,

WARNING: Millions of Windows 10 users are being spied on by Microsoft Corporation, now that they’ve gotten their *free* upgrade.