Whitehouse Aide Busted for Assaulting Cop Boyfriend (mugshot)
Aug 12, 2015,

A Whitehouse aide and special assistant to the President has been busted this week in Maryland for assaulting her cop boyfriend with his own firearm. 

Swiss Man Sentenced for Burning Gift Ferrari [Germany]
Aug 12, 2015,

Thou shall not look a gift Ferrari in the mouth, a German judge taught a young Swiss man this week, after sentencing the ingrate to 22 months of probation and a $33,000 fine for torching his luxury car. 

Cops Seek Killers of Tiny Dog Who Taped Note Bragging They Beat It To Death [photo]
Aug 11, 2015,

Florida police seek the cruel killers of a “very friendly” 13-year-old Pomeranian named Fox, after the tiny red dog was found viciously kicked to death outside his home in Pembroke Pines, Florida. 

Stoned Motorist Posed With Cop for Selfie During Arrest for Driving While Stoned (photo)
Aug 11, 2015,

A gleefully stoned motorist posed with a cop for a selfie during his arrest for driving while stoned, then posted it on his Snapchat account. 

Missing Boy Found Dead in the Grand Canyon Wilderness [Arizona]
Aug 11, 2015,

Police said there’s no obvious sign of foul play on a missing boy found dead in the Grand Canyon wilderness yesterday. 

Cases Developing and Trending This Week on Crime Magazine (8/11/15)
Aug 11, 2015,

Custody, kayaks, criminals and, of course, killings are trending this week on Crime Magazine. Here are the top cases and case developments we’re closely following: 

Yellowstone Supervolcano is a Nuclear Timebomb (photo)
Aug 10, 2015,

Scientist are warning that a Yellowstone supervolcano is a nuclear timebomb just waiting for the ideal conditions to go off … again.