Scott Thomas Anderson

Scott Thomas Anderson is a journalist who has written for publications like The Sacramento News and Review and Sierra Lodestar magazine. He’s worked as a foreign correspondent for Radio Kerry in Tralee, Ireland, and he’s been published in The Irish Independent, Dublin’s largest daily newspaper. Scott is currently a crime reporter for the northern California newspaper, The Ledger Dispatch. In 2008, Scott won the California Newspaper Publishers Association’s highest honor for writing, followed by a second-place win for Investigative Journalism the following year. He has been interviewed about homicide investigations nationally on the Travel Channel, and internationally on Ireland's Radio 1: Drivetime. In May of 2010, Scott appeared at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. for the announcement that he was one of ten reporters in the United States to be award the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship, 2010. That fellowship allowed Anderson to spend 18 months as an embedded reporter with law enforcement agencies, as well as travel to different small towns across the United States: The result is the newly released book, Shadow People: how meth-driven crime is eating at the heart of rural America.
May 7, 2012
May 7, 2012 Special to Crime Magazine “Shadow People” — the term refers to hallucinogenic figures glimpsed by methamphetamine addicts after days without sleep. But, in reality, it’s the addicts themselves who are living in a shadow, growing in numbers, becoming an alarming...