Lynne Stewart

The indomitable Lynne Stewart was born in 1939 and raised in Bellerose, Queens New York, a neighborhood she recalls as “very blue collar.” Both her parents were teachers.

She graduated from Wagner College and went to work in the New York City school system as a librarian in Harlem. That initiated her true education and her political activism, leading to a Masters degree in Library Science from Pratt Institute and a law degree from Rutgers School of Law in 1976.

As a defense lawyer, she defended the have-nots and a wide array of high-profile and controversial clients from a Weatherman, to a Black Panther, to a Mafia underboss. Her post-conviction representation of convicted terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman, known as the “blind sheikh,” led to her own conviction in federal court in 2002 of aiding terrorism because she released a news release quoting her client.

Originally sentenced to 28 months, she was resentenced in 2010 to 10 years. Attorneys for Lynne have filed a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court.

On the web site, Justice for Lynne Stewart, Lynne wrote: “I never lose hope that my case will be resolved as being too obvious a contradiction to justice for them to sustain! We will be trying to impress them [the Supreme Court] with the significant wrongfulness of the whole prosecution itself and of the errors at trial and later at sentencing.

“Meanwhile, I continue to tough it out. I am feeling quite well after the [hysterectomy] surgery, an infection and then a severe iron deficiency – my usual vim and vigor are back and ready for the fight with the Supreme Court who thinks corporations are people – what will they make of me, a real person ??!! (smile) Join me. Bring me home, where I can join in some of the epic battles now at hand.”

How to contact her:

Lynne Stewart #53504-054
Federal Medical Center – Carswell
P.O. Box 27137
Ft. Worth, TX 76127
Nov 23, 2012
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