Cecil the Lion Cub Has NOT Been Slain (photo)
Aug 9, 2015,

The good news is that Cecil the lion cub has NOT been slain, as has been reported by numerous mainstream media sources this weekend. 

AG Kathleen Kane: Top Watchdog is Top Thug in PA
Aug 8, 2015,

Pennsylvania’s embattled attorney general Kathleen Kane showed up for fingerprinting today, in the first step of the top watchdog’s long journey toward becoming the state’s top thug

Missing Hiker was Likely Eaten by Bears (Yellowstone)
Aug 8, 2015,

A missing hiker was likely eaten by bears when he accidentally wandered into an area of Yellowstone National Park where a group of grizzlies had been napping. 

Superhero Service Dog Dialed 911 to Save Blind Owner (twice)
Aug 8, 2015,

A superhero service dog dialed 911 on Thursday to summon rescuers to her blind owner’s home in Philadelphia because it had caught on fire. 

Woman Fatally Shot Meddling Social Worker in VT
Aug 8, 2015,

A woman fatally shot a meddling social worker in Barre Vermont yesterday because she was upset over losing custody of her young daughter. 

James Holmes Holdout Spared Him His Life (justice served)
Aug 8, 2015,

Sources say a James Holmes holdout spared him his life yesterday when the unnamed juror balked at subjecting the Colorado theater shooter to the death penalty. 

Weird 911 Addict Arrested in Macon GA
Aug 8, 2015,

Georgia police arrested a 911 addict this week who bogusly called their emergency dispatch system over 150 times in the past three months.