James Holmes Holdout Spared Him His Life (justice served)
Aug 8, 2015,

Sources say a James Holmes holdout spared him his life yesterday when the unnamed juror balked at subjecting the Colorado theater shooter to the death penalty. 

Weird 911 Addict Arrested in Macon GA
Aug 8, 2015,

Georgia police arrested a 911 addict this week who bogusly called their emergency dispatch system over 150 times in the past three months. 

Missing Person Alert for Isabel Palacios Last Seen With Violent Felon (photo)
Aug 7, 2015,

North Carolina police have issued a missing person alert for Isabel Palacios, last seen alive a week ago in the company of a convicted rapist and murderer. 

Fourth Bangladeshi Blogger Hacked to Death by Madmen With Machetes
Aug 7, 2015,

A live-and-let-live Bangladeshi blogger hacked to death this week in Dhaka by madmen with machetes is the fourth secular journalist to be butchered in 2015 by illiterate extremists. 

French Tourists Found Dead in New Mexico
Aug 7, 2015,

Two French tourists found dead in New Mexico this week may have perished in the 100+ degree temperatures and zero shade of White Sands National Monument. 

Court Says Cosby Must Come Clean (sworn deposition ordered)
Aug 7, 2015,

A Los Angeles court says Bill Cosby must come clean by providing the plaintiff in a historic sex abuse lawsuit his sworn deposition ASAP

Weaponized Marijuana a Serious Threat to NYC
Aug 6, 2015,

Officials are calling weaponized marijuana a serious threat to NYC, as borough police battle a synthetic drug that, like the current Legionnaire’s outbreak, is spreading like an epidemic.