Lonzie Barton Amber Alert: Two Weeks, Two Corpses, No Baby [see photo]
Aug 4, 2015,

The Lonzie Barton Amber Alert disappearance is actively being investigated, but, after two weeks and two long-gone corpses, the baby is himself still missing. 

Wankoff Who Hammered Dog to Death Then Bragged About It BUSTED
Aug 4, 2015,

New Jersey 19-year-old Michelle Wankoff has been busted for animal cruelty and tampering with evidence, after bragging relentlessly about the brutal murder of her family’s dog last month. 

#BeloitLion #Alert - Is the Milwaukee Lion Actually a Cougar?
Aug 3, 2015,

#BeloitLion #Alert: Reports of a cougar sighting in Beloit Park are further rattling the nerves of Milwaukeeans who’ve had enough of the big but seemingly harmless cat that’s allegedly roaming the city and its suburbs. 

#SkinOfHisTeeth - Suspect Caught Red-handed Gnawing Off His Fingertips.
Aug 3, 2015,

A foolish Florida suspect gnawed off his fingertips en route to the police station Thursday on the false assumption that cops couldn’t fingerprint him for the crime he just perpetrated. 

Canadian Tourist hitchBOT Mugged and Beheaded in Philly [photo]
Aug 3, 2015,

Canadian tourist hitchBOT has merrily traveled the world without … well … without any major hitches before. But this time Philadelphia was on the interactive robot’s itinerary, a destination that’s proven disastrous. 

Search For Two Boys Lost At Sea Still On Thanks To GoFundMe Campaign
Aug 3, 2015,

Days after officials ceased their search for two boys lost at sea, the families of missing teen boaters Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen continue looking for them, thanks largely to a successful GoFundMe campaign