Maddy Middleton Murder: Boy Charged as Adult on Multiple Counts in CA
Jul 30, 2015,

A teen boy responsible for Maddy Middleton’s murder this weekend has now been charged as an adult on multiple counts of luring, restraining, raping, and killing the 8-year-old girl. 

Latest on Kid Who Strangled 4-year-old (choked others - toted dead animals)
Jul 29, 2015,

Juvenile killers like the kid who strangled a 4-year-old on Monday in Orlando Florida are becoming way too commonplace this decade. 

Police Release Severed Legs Theory and ID
Jul 29, 2015,

The pair of severed legs found near the railroad tracks of a New Haven Connecticut train station on July 15th have finally been identified, police announced this week. 

Cecil Assassin Walter Palmer Sex-Harassment Suit Surfaces [photo and docs]
Jul 29, 2015,

Cecil the Lion Update: The American dentist sought by Zimbabwe police this week for unlawfully luring a popular and protected lion from its African sanctuary earlier in July, so to kill it, is reportedly in hiding now. 

RIP Ann Rule (true crime writer dead at 84)
Jul 29, 2015,

Celebrated true crime writer Ann Rule, who rose to prominence through her early association with Ted Bundy before he was outed as a serial killer and prosecuted, has died. 

Arrest Sought of Cecil The Lion Killing Dentist Poacher [Zimbabwe]
Jul 28, 2015,

Zimbabwe officials are seeking to arrest Cecil the lion killing dentist, Walter Palmer, after the Minnesotan lured and then poached the nation’s beloved big cat from its African sanctuary earlier in July.  

Broken Arrow Bros Were Sick Columbine Clones (photos)
Jul 28, 2015,

Oklahoma authorities suspect the Broken Arrow brothers were sick Columbine wannabes who spent their days and nights playing videogames and who sought to outdo all mass murder body-counts to date.