Manhunt on for Cecil the Lion Slayer: Palmer Sought by US and Zimbabwe [photos]
Jul 31, 2015,

A manhunt is on for Cecil the lion slayer Walter Palmer, as both US and Zimbabwean officials seek the disgraced dentist’s head on a silver platter for his cruel killing of the world’s most beloved

Cable Guy Finds Rotted Tot In a Crib - Father Busted [Ohio]
Jul 30, 2015,

A cable guy found a baby decomposing in its crib yesterday and today the dead child’s indifferent dad is behind bars for abuse of a corpse, in lieu of a million-dollars bail. 

Survival Slim for Capsized Boys Lost At Sea (photo)
Jul 30, 2015,

Sharks, shady ships, and saltwater are risks facing two capsized boys missing at sea for a week, after the young Florida fishermen filled a 19-foot motorboat with $100 of fuel and wandered far offshore. 

New Death Threat Gets Abigail Hernandez Kidnapper New Charges [photo]
Jul 30, 2015,

The jailed kidnapper of NH teen Abigail Hernandez is already facing hundreds of charges in her months-long brutal detention, but now he’s facing additional charges, after issuing death threats against the lead female prosecutor. 

Maddy Middleton Murder: Boy Charged as Adult on Multiple Counts in CA
Jul 30, 2015,

A teen boy responsible for Maddy Middleton’s murder this weekend has now been charged as an adult on multiple counts of luring, restraining, raping, and killing the 8-year-old girl. 

Latest on Kid Who Strangled 4-year-old (choked others - toted dead animals)
Jul 29, 2015,

Juvenile killers like the kid who strangled a 4-year-old on Monday in Orlando Florida are becoming way too commonplace this decade. 

Police Release Severed Legs Theory and ID
Jul 29, 2015,

The pair of severed legs found near the railroad tracks of a New Haven Connecticut train station on July 15th have finally been identified, police announced this week.