One Dead Man, Two Tons of Ammo, and 1200 Guns.
Jul 21, 2015,

Police probing an apparent natural death yesterday uncovered an enormous arsenal stashed in the decomposed dead man’s Pacific Palisades home. 

"Our truck couldn't carry it all," said LAPD commander Andrew Smith. "We had to go back and make another trip."

Woman Who Threw Newborn In Dumpster Already Had Enough Kids (Spain)
Jul 20, 2015,

A coldhearted woman who threw her healthy newborn boy into a dumpster last week told police she had enough children already, and didn’t need another one. 

Who Killed the Birds of Seahorse Key?
Jul 20, 2015,

The famous nesting birds of Seahorse Key in Florida went suddenly missing over a month ago and are now feared dead. 

Five Curious Killings in Modesto CA
Jul 20, 2015,

Police are being tightlipped about five curious killings in Modesto CA over the weekend, even though the prime suspect is now in custody and the public is “safe.” 

#XXX Ashley Madison Hack Attack (two-timers beware)
Jul 20, 2015,

Privacy for members of the Ashley Madison dating site for two-timing wives and husbands has been totally breached, the website’s owner Avid Life Media reluctantly announced this week. 

Differing Accounts of Demi Moore Pool Drowning (photo)
Jul 20, 2015,

Houseguests of Demi Moore are offering conflicting accounts of how a 21-year-old non-swimmer entered the actress’s pool on his own volition and accidentally drowned there.