Fumes Not Foul Play Killed Foursome in Maine (and their dog)
Jul 22, 2015,

Fumes from an improperly located gasoline generator caused the deaths of four Maine revelers and their dog this month, not foul play. 

BREAKING - Big Lion Sighted In Milwaukee (cell photo)
Jul 22, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: Per the cellphone picture below, Milwaukee police are “taking serious” numerous reports of a lion sighted in or near the downtown district. 

Teen Who Lured and Killed Girl Has a Criminal Record (case update)
Jul 22, 2015,

The Utah teen who lured and killed a girl in his neighborhood this month has a criminal record, and his victim was chosen at random. 

Suspect Selectman Arrested for Painting Crosswalks in MA
Jul 22, 2015,

A Massachusetts selectman arrested for painting crosswalks in the town of Billerica did so only to appease his complaining constituents. 

Wife of Missing Doctor Bars Police From Searching Their Home
Jul 21, 2015,

The wife of missing doctor Jeffrey Whiteside, who disappeared after the vacationing couple quarreled three weeks ago in Ephraim Wisconsin, won’t allow police to search their family home. 

Hackers Can Seize Control of Your Vehicle Anytime They Want To.
Jul 21, 2015,

Nice hackers have proven bad hackers can seize control of your vehicle anytime they want to, according to a report this week in PC World and Wired Magazine

Woman-Troubles Over For Man Whose Jealous Lover Kills His Wife and Herself.
Jul 21, 2015,

Ex NFL player and adulterous lady-killer Buster Barnett has been extricated out of a classically sticky romantic triangle in a most violent manner… 

His jealous lover shot his wife to death this week, then turned the gun on herself and did the same.