One-Eyed Naked Man with Severed Arm Decapitated Woman and Mutilated Dogs in AZ
Jul 26, 2015,

Arizona officers encountered the grossest crime scene ever yesterday, when they responded to a call about a naked one-armed, one-eyed man -- and the bloodbath he had taken in his Phoenix apartment. 

Gotham Gator Dies in Custody
Jul 26, 2015,

The Gotham gator apprehended in uptown Manhattan on Thursday, after roaming the city for days and possibly even weeks, has died in custody

Forest Mom Loses Custody of Babe Birthed in the Woods
Jul 25, 2015,

A pregnant woman who took a wrong turn into the wilderness last month on the way to Grandma’s house, then birthed a baby girl in the woods and started an SOS forest fire so they’d be rescued, has just lost custody of the newborn. 

No Remorse No Motive in Broken Arrow Massacre Mystery
Jul 25, 2015,

Police say there is no remorse shown and no motive known for the Broken Arrow massacre perpetrated this week by two teen relatives of the slain family. 

Modesto Mass Murderer Also Killed Toddler Boy in 2014
Jul 25, 2015,

The suspected Modesto mass murderer of a family of five females last weekend has also been charged now in the suspicious death of a toddler boy in 2014. 

Missing Doctor Jeffrey Whiteside FOUND DEAD
Jul 25, 2015,

Missing doctor Jeffrey Whiteside, found dead in a wooded area of Liberty Grove Wisconsin after a three week search, may have died from a gunshot wound. 

Massacre at Broken Arrow: Brother Fingered Sibling Slayers With Last Dying Breath (mugshot)
Jul 24, 2015,

Police say a butchered brother in the massacre at Broken Arrow this week fingered two older siblings as the killers with his last dying breath.