Magnet Man Solves 25-Year Missing Person Cold Case
Jul 24, 2015,

The skeletal remains of a woman missing 25 years were found in a Florida pond this week, after a man using a magnet to locate the vehicle of another recently missing person found her automobile instead. 

Rogue Postman Arrested for Obstructing Mail in PA
Jul 23, 2015,

If you live in Philly and were expecting a piece of mail that just didn’t come, and didn’t come, and didn’t come … it’s probably because postman Patrick D’Ambrosio is on your route and decided not to deliver it. 

Secret Agent Man is Heavily Armed Corpse Found Parked in LA
Jul 23, 2015,

It sounds like the plot to a movie, but a heavily armed dead guy found decomposing inside his locked car in posh Pacific Palisades this week is a ‘secret agent man’ whose identity cannot apparently be traced. 

Missing Person Amos Shook Cold Case SOLVED
Jul 23, 2015,

Skeletal remains of missing person Amos Shook found in his submerged 1968 Pontiac this week means North Carolina’s oldest cold case disappearance has finally been solved

More Bad News for Bill Cosby (no place to run, nowhere to hide)
Jul 23, 2015,

Somebody better put embattled Bill Cosby on suicide watch soon, because his freefall from fame to infamy this year seems to have no bounds. 

K9 Nabs Two Teens in Slaughter of Five at Broken Arrow OK
Jul 23, 2015,

A K9 is credited with tracking down two killer teens who slaughtered five family members and left another for dead in upscale Broken Arrow Oklahoma yesterday. 

Death Row Hugging Dogs Exonerated (photo)
Jul 23, 2015,

Two wrongly-condemned death row hugging dogs exonerated this week were rescued from being euthanized just moments before their date with death, after the photo below of one embracing the other in consolation went viral.