David A. Gibb

David A. Gibb is an investigative consultant and journalist who has spent 25 years digging for answers as a private investigator. He has located over 4,400 missing people, and has worked undercover in such challenging environments as a religious cult and a satanic organization. He's investigated serious and complex crimes, exposed countless frauds, provided VIP security to the rich and famous, and testified as an expert witness.

Prior to becoming a writer, Gibb taught in the Law and Security programs at Sheridan College (Brampton and Oakville campuses in Ontario) and at Clarke College (Belleville, Ontario campus). In 2005, he was the recipient of an Alumni Entrepreneurial Award from his former alma mater, Seneca College.

As a freelance writer, Gibb has been published in national newspapers and magazines, and has been a regular contributor to EMC Newspapers/Shield Media in Belleville, Ontario. He is most recently the author of Camouflaged Killer: The Shocking Double Life of Colonel Russell Williams, which was published by Berkley Books (Penguin Group USA) in September 2011.

Gibb is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, the Writers' Union of Canada, and Crime Writers of Canada.

He may contacted by email at crimewriter@hotmail.com.
Oct 31, 2011
Special to Crime Magazine:  An excerpt from David A. Gibb’s book, Camouflaged Killer: The Shocking Double Life of Canadian Air Force Colonel Russell Williams.  By day Williams commanded the largest military base in Canada; by night he stalked single women in their...