Canadian Tourist hitchBOT Mugged and Beheaded in Philly [photo]
Aug 3, 2015,

Canadian tourist hitchBOT has merrily traveled the world without … well … without any major hitches before. But this time Philadelphia was on the interactive robot’s itinerary, a destination that’s proven disastrous. 

Search For Two Boys Lost At Sea Still On Thanks To GoFundMe Campaign
Aug 3, 2015,

Days after officials ceased their search for two boys lost at sea, the families of missing teen boaters Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen continue looking for them, thanks largely to a successful GoFundMe campaign

Zimbabwe Now Seeks Dr. Jan Seski, a Second American Poacher (mugshot)
Aug 3, 2015,

Zimbabwe now seeks Dr. Jan Seski, a second American poacher who illegally took down one of the country’s protected lions with a bow and arrow this spring. 

Dallas Doc Who Used His Hands Like Deadly Weapons BUSTED
Aug 2, 2015,

Police have finally arrested a former Dallas surgeon charged with using his hands so ineptly they could be considered deadly weapons. 

Feds Nab Film Flick Fugitive
Aug 2, 2015,

Jason Stange is not only a lead in an upcoming B-rated film flick, but a bank robber on the lam too

Rumors of Jericho’s Death Are Great Exaggerations (he’s also not related to Cecil)
Aug 2, 2015,

Zimbabwe park police happily report today that surviving lion king Jericho has not been killed as erroneously reported this weekend, and he’s not Cecil the lion’s “brother” either but the murdered big cat’s former best mate.