Aug 18, 2015,

Maryland police are sad to report that Batman is dead, after being mortally wounded this weekend in a fatal collision involving his Batmobile. 

One Foster Toddler Dead, One Near Death in Auburn MA
Aug 17, 2015,

Police are investigating what left one 2-year-old foster child dead and another 22-month-old one in “very critical” condition this weekend in Auburn Massachusetts.
Aug 17, 2015,

Anyone concerned about fascism flourishing at Amazon may contact Jeff Bezos directly, claims its foundering Fuhrer, after being publicly shamed for operating one of the most ruthless businesses in history. 

THE DEVIL AND ST. PAUL: Lessons in Greatness and Rape for NH Preppies (photo)
Aug 17, 2015,

Greatness and rape are part of the curriculum at an elite prep school in NH that John Kerry, Robert Meuller, Garry Trudeau and at least two Kennedys attended, alongside scores of other famous politicians, writers, actors, and businessmen.

Coked Rapper Beau Charged in E’Dena Hines Murder [update]
Aug 17, 2015,

A coked up wannabe rapper with a criminal past has been charged for stabbing Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter E’Dena Hines to death yesterday morning in front of her NYC brownstone. 

BREAKING - Granddaughter of Morgan Freeman Stabbed to Death in NYC
Aug 16, 2015,

Film star Morgan Freeman lost a granddaughter today, after the 33-year-old woman was stabbed multiple times on a sidewalk in Manhattan.