Bryce Williams: Do #BlackLivesMatter When Shooter is Black and Gay?
Aug 27, 2015,

On-air shooter Bryce Williams hasn’t been dead but 24 hours, yet the press is already portraying the African American newsman-turned-gunman as a crazy gay, whilst #BlackLivesMatter reps remain surprisingly tightlipped about his singular act

Cattle Rustling 101 (Texas Oklahoma Style)
Aug 27, 2015,

Cattle rustling is on the rise again throughout the wild, wild west; it’s growing popularity in sync with America’s seemingly unstoppable meth and heroin problem. 

Cattle Rustling 101
Aug 27, 2015,





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Virginia On-Air Shooter Bryce Williams Mailed Manifesto (photo)
Aug 26, 2015,

Virginia on-air shooter Bryce Williams is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but police have his 23-page manifesto now which the African American TV newsman sent before gunning down his colleagues today. 

Virginia TV Gunman IDd as Lester Flanagan - Police in Pursuit in VA
Aug 26, 2015,

Virginia’s WDBJ7 TV gunman has been IDd as Lester Flanagan, a “disgruntled” former colleague of the two reporters he shot to death in this morning’s live-news attack at Bridgewater Plaza. 

#BREAKING --Reporter and Cameraman Shot Dead on Live TV
Aug 26, 2015,

This #BREAKING news is developing: A reporter and cameraman gunned down while broadcasting live this morning are both dead of their wounds.