#BREAKING: Aaron Hernandez GUILTY
Apr 15, 2015,

Former NFL pro Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty of first degree murder for the 2013 gangland style shooting of fellow footballer Odin Lloyd. 

Hacking the Lottery Does Not Make You a Winner
Apr 15, 2015,

An insider accused of hacking the lottery and then “winning” $14.3 million in the high tech heist will have to accept the fact now that it doesn’t make him a real winner. 

It will, however, give him a one-way ticket to jail.

Google Search Antitrust Violations (oh no, not again)
Apr 14, 2015,

Europe’s lobbing Google search antitrust violations this week, outright accusing the world’s most dominant search engine of once more rigging results in its own favor, even across the pond. 

The Man Who Mistook His Gun for a Taser
Apr 14, 2015,

The Oklahoma man who mistook his gun for a taser earlier this month, inadvertently killing a 44-year-old unarmed suspect, is a senior citizen reserve deputy who donated to the sitting sheriff’s reelection campaign. 

Aaron Hernandez Jury Ends Fifth Day of Deliberation Sans Verdict
Apr 14, 2015,

Jurors in the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez finished their fifth day of deliberation on Monday, April 13, 2015, without reaching a verdict. 

Atlanta Cheating Scandal: Day of Reckoning for Teachers (and RICO)
Apr 14, 2015,

Prosecutors in the Atlanta cheating scandal spent the weekend offering last-minute plea deals to defendant educators convicted on federal racketeering charges -- and the court has urged the disgraced teachers to accept those odd of

Jodi Arias Judge Throws Away The Key (pic)
Apr 13, 2015,

The sentencing judge for Jodi Arias locked her up for life today and threw away the key, sending the convicted killer back to jail, without the possibility of parole