Krebs Suspects @deuszu for #AshleyMadison Hack
Aug 28, 2015,

Security specialist Brian Krebs suspects Twitter user @deuszu played a key role in the #AshleyMadison hack attack that led to disastrous disclosures of the adultery site’s member lists and infidelities. 

Machete Murder Mastermind Pleads Innocent - Florida
Aug 28, 2015,

Florida’s machete murder mastermind has pleaded not-guilty in the premeditated attack on a fellow JobCorps student this month. 

Porn is Key to Case of Prosecuted Prosecutor in PA
Aug 27, 2015,

Hundreds of public officials’ porn is key to the case of a prosecuted prosecutor in Pennsylvania … so a judge has unsealed all that vulgar evidence this week. 

Apocalyptic Hue Is Electric Blue (pic)
Aug 27, 2015,

According to meteorologists and climatologists, the pending apocalyptic hue is electric blue and already floating high above us. 

Bryce Williams: Do #BlackLivesMatter When Shooter is Black and Gay?
Aug 27, 2015,

On-air shooter Bryce Williams hasn’t been dead but 24 hours, yet the press is already portraying the African American newsman-turned-gunman as a crazy gay, whilst #BlackLivesMatter reps remain surprisingly tightlipped about his singular act

Cattle Rustling 101 (Texas Oklahoma Style)
Aug 27, 2015,

Cattle rustling is on the rise again throughout the wild, wild west; it’s growing popularity in sync with America’s seemingly unstoppable meth and heroin problem.