Agent Groper Terminated by TSA
Aug 29, 2015,

Agent Groper has been relieved of his TSA duties, after the 40-year-old man was charged yesterday for unlawfully detaining a young Korean student so he could sexually molest her. 

AP Still Irked Over News Story Faked by FBI
Aug 28, 2015,

The AP is still mad about a faked news story the FBI generated eight years ago in order to entrap a juvenile offender suspected of making bombs and threats. 

#Missing Marley Spindler #FoundSafe But Busted For False Alarm (photo)
Aug 28, 2015,

Missing teenager Marley Spindler has been found safe, but sadly she’s in trouble with the law for filing a false report. 

#BREAKING - Preppie Owen Labrie Convicted of Rape in NH
Aug 28, 2015,

Accused preppie rapist Owen Labrie has just been declared guilty of raping a 15-year-old fellow student at the exclusive St. Paul’s preparatory school in Concord, New Hampshire last spring.

Krebs Suspects @deuszu for #AshleyMadison Hack
Aug 28, 2015,

Security specialist Brian Krebs suspects Twitter user @deuszu played a key role in the #AshleyMadison hack attack that led to disastrous disclosures of the adultery site’s member lists and infidelities. 

Machete Murder Mastermind Pleads Innocent - Florida
Aug 28, 2015,

Florida’s machete murder mastermind has pleaded not-guilty in the premeditated attack on a fellow JobCorps student this month. 

Porn is Key to Case of Prosecuted Prosecutor in PA
Aug 27, 2015,

Hundreds of public officials’ porn is key to the case of a prosecuted prosecutor in Pennsylvania … so a judge has unsealed all that vulgar evidence this week.