NY Woman Who Lived With Her Slain Baby for Months Charged (mugshot)
Aug 30, 2015,

An upstate NY woman who lived with her slain baby for months was arrested and charged with second-degree murder yesterday. 

India Orders Sisters be Gang Raped For Brother Eloping - Baghpat Township
Aug 30, 2015,

India has done it again -- ordered females to be cruelly punished for the sins of their fathers, brothers, husbands, or other male relatives. 

Four Traffickers Charged in Suffocation of 71 Immigrants - Hungary
Aug 30, 2015,

Four traffickers charged in the suffocation deaths of 71 immigrants they allegedly abandoned in a locked lorry this month appeared in a Hungarian court yesterday. 

Undercover Cop Killed Innocent Bystander in Bronx Shootout
Aug 29, 2015,

An undercover cop killed an innocent bystander in a street shootout that erupted over an arms deal gone afoul this weekend in the Bronx. 

Suspect Who Shot Deputy Execution-Style Caught - Texas
Aug 29, 2015,

The gunman who shot a deputy to death execution-style this weekend has been caught. 

The 47-year-old uniformed victim was pumping gas at a filling station late Friday night when an armed black man approached him from behind and began shooting.

TV Judge Joe Brown Jailed For Contempt of Court - Memphis
Aug 29, 2015,

Former TV adjudicator Judge Joe Brown, jailed for contempt of court in Memphis this week, was only trying to unofficially help a woman in a child-support dispute. 

Agent Groper Fired by TSA
Aug 29, 2015,

Agent Groper has been relieved of his TSA duties, after the 40-year-old man was charged yesterday for unlawfully detaining a young Korean student so he could sexually molest her.