Obnoxious Draw Muhammad Contest Draws Gunfire (2 dead)
May 4, 2015,

A Draw Muhammad contest intended to offend Muslims worldwide drew gunfire instead of gaiety, leaving two irate shooters dead and questions about free speech versus hate speech burning in the state of Texas. 

Sex Offender Who Caged Woman Sought (mugshot)
May 4, 2015,

A registered sex offender who caged a woman in his home for over four months is on the run this week, after the “hysterical” victim escaped captivity and reported him to police via 911. 

Officer Down Shooter Caught (NYPD)
May 3, 2015,

While an officer down in New York City over the weekend continues to be hospitalized, his shooter has finally been apprehended. 

Why Freddie Gray Was Arrested (photo)
May 3, 2015,

Six Baltimore cops who maimed Freddy Gray in transit last month have at last been held accountable in his resulting death from a broken neck, but still haven’t disclosed why they arrested the 25-year-old suspect

Time to Boycott SeaWorld (let the Orcas go)
May 2, 2015,

It’s time to boycott SeaWorld for its heartless and inhumane treatment of orcas, and put an end to the depraved criminal enterprise which cruelly enslaves these noble beasts of the sea as mere circus performers. 

Curious Case of Angelika Graswald (femme fatale or falsely accused?)
May 2, 2015,

Police say Angelika Graswald is no grieving fiancée, but rather a scheming killer who staged the Hudson River drowning death of her would-be third husband for reasons they won’t disclose yet. 

Justice For Molly Young (photo)
May 1, 2015,

Justice for Molly Young has now been delayed, and thus denied, for three long years since the 21-year-old Illinois resident was found dead in her ex-boyfriend’s bedroom by a single bullet to the head.