The Search for Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin (photo and case update)
Aug 31, 2015,




As the search for Jeffrey Navin and Jeanette Navin enters its second month, more mysteries than clues have emerged. 

Young Mother Confessed to Tub Drowning Twins in AZ
Aug 31, 2015,

Mireya Alejandra Lopez, 22, confessed to the tub drowning deaths of her 2-year-old twin boys on Sunday and has been charged with homicide and attempted murder. 

Police Blame #BlackLivesMatter Chant for Cop Killing in TX
Aug 31, 2015,

Texas officials are blaming a #BlackLivesMatter chant for inciting the execution-style “assassination” of Deputy Darren Goforth last week and other similar acts of violence. 

THREE BANKS 30 MINUTES (Mom Turns Robber to Fund Grad Bash)
Aug 31, 2015,

Three banks, 30 minutes -- plus a baseball cap and sunglasses -- is all it took a Florida mom to raise the dough she needed to throw her daughter a graduation party, and have a little left for the rent. 

Parolee Using a Whizzinator To Pass His Pee Test BUSTED
Aug 30, 2015,

An Indiana parolee using a Whizzinator to pass his urine test on Friday is back behind bars this weekend. 

Florida Mom Was Targeted (more than one shooter sought)
Aug 30, 2015,

Police say a Florida mom was targeted for death when she answered urgent knocks on her door a little after the witching hour on Saturday morning.