Judge Not Lest You Be Judged (Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis To Remain Jailed)
Sep 5, 2015,




Hater Kim Davis is being shown that ‘judge not lest you be judged’ isn’t just a biblical proverb she can gloss over whenever she feels compelled to persecute people. 

HUMAN BONES IN FIRE PIT: Another Serial Killer in Ohio?
Sep 4, 2015,

Burnt bones fortuitously found in a fire pit last month have been confirmed to be those of a young woman missing since July 23rd. 

Family Court Hides Kids from “Dangerous” Battered Woman - Connecticut
Sep 4, 2015,

A battered mother recently featured in Crime Magazine is no longer allowed to know where her kids reside, let alone have any contact with them, after a Connecticut family court judge deemed her the dangerous parent. 

Chimp Planned Drone Attack (warning: hilarious video-stills)
Sep 4, 2015,

Dutch investigators have concluded a chimp planned a drone attack this spring, well before the device was even in view

Boy Home Alone Kills Teen Intruder - Self Defense or Murder?
Sep 4, 2015,

An 11-year-old boy home alone with his toddler sister fatally shot an alleged teenage burglar yesterday. 

Murderers of Dr. Teresa Sievers Are Friends of Her Husband (photo)
Sep 4, 2015,

Two men charged in the murder of Dr. Teresa Sievers are friends of her husband Mark Sievers, Florida prosecutors indicated yesterday. 

Woman Arrested for Penis Mutilation in FLA
Sep 3, 2015,

A Florida woman arrested for penis mutilation has been charged with administering healthcare without a license and inflicting serious injury.