Florida Man Who Killed Masked Intruder Not Surprised Thug Was His Dad [mugshot]
Sep 10, 2015,

A Florida man who killed a masked intruder this week wasn’t surprised to discover it was his dear old dad. 

GARFIELD PARK CRIME SCENE: We Are Gonna Find You, Say Chicago Police.
Sep 10, 2015,

Chicago police working the Garfield Park crime scene where a mutilated toddler’s body parts were discovered last weekend have a message for the demented killer: “We are gonna find you.” 

Hungarian Camerawoman Filmed Abusing Refugees FIRED
Sep 9, 2015,

Hungary’s mean-spirited camerawoman has been sacked by the TV station she works for, only a day after images of her kicking and tripping refugees while filming them went viral. 

#REWARD Offered in Holiday Shooting of Cuomo Aide - NYPD
Sep 9, 2015,

A #reward is being offered by the #NYPD and #CrimeStoppers for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gunman who shot a top Cuomo aide over the holiday weekend. 

Serial Freeway Shooter On the Loose in Arizona Too - Same as the Colorado Sniper?
Sep 9, 2015,

First Colorado, now Arizona, has a serial freeway shooter on the loose -- could it be the same deranged gunman? 

Kendra Hatcher Murder: Was Beautiful Dallas Doc the Victim of Romantic Revenge?
Sep 9, 2015,

Texas authorities investigating the Kendra Hatcher murder last week in a Dallas parking garage are exploring a theory that the popular and attractive doctor was the victim of romantic revenge