Daredevil Bridge Jumper Finally Arrested for Grand Theft Auto (mugshot)
Sep 8, 2015,

A female action-hero-type car thief who leapt from a tall bridge into the cold San Francisco Bay to escape police last month has finally been apprehended. 

Garfield Park Update - Coroner Gives Description of Dismembered Toddler.
Sep 8, 2015,

Illinois’ Cook County coroner has provided a partial description for the dismembered toddler found in a Garfield Park lagoon over the holiday weekend. 

#RIP Pete Malloy - Inspirational Adam-12 TV Cop Martin Milner Dead at 83 (headshot)
Sep 8, 2015,

Beloved Adam-12 TV cop, Martin Milner, has died over the holiday weekend at the age of 83. 

Dahlia Yehia Murder: Nepal a Brutal End to Humanitarian’s Wanderlust (photo)
Sep 8, 2015,

Nepal officials are searching a river for the body of Dahlia Yehia, the young volunteer relief-worker who vanished shortly after arriving in the quake-stricken country this summer. 

#EXPLAINER - Blinding #Bangkok Sky Blast Today NOT a UFO
Sep 7, 2015,

Astronomical explainers are insisting the blinding Bangkok sky blast during Monday's rush-hour was NOT caused by an alien spacecraft exploding midair, as is currently the popular notion. 

Top Cuomo Aide Shot In the Head Today in NYC
Sep 7, 2015,

A top Cuomo aide shot in the head today by a stray bullet fired during a predawn shootout in Brooklyn is in critical condition at a NYC hospital.