Son Saves Dad from Ax-Murdering Mom Wearing Camo (court photo)
Aug 13, 2015,

A would be ax-murdering mom wearing camouflage and a facemask was foiled by her son while she lay in wait to kill his dad -- her ex husband. 

Bumble Bee Tuna Paid Millions for Baking Employee (California)
Aug 13, 2015,

Bumble Bee Tuna paid millions this week to settle criminal charges for baking an employee to death in October of 2012. 

New Lead for a Dead Baby Doe Girl (photo)
Aug 13, 2015,

Forensic experts have provided a new lead for a dead Baby Doe girl found in a plastic garbage bag weeks ago on a Massachusetts island. 

Ax-Wielding Clown in Rainbow Wig Arrested in NC
Aug 13, 2015,

An ax wielding clown in a rainbow wig has been arrested in North Carolina, days after artlessly attempting to chop a woman to smithereens.  

First Responder Who Robbed Crash Victims Arrested [Minnesota]
Aug 13, 2015,

A Minnesota first responder who robbed crash victims has been arrested. 

Texas Deputy Fired for Killing His K9 Partner Jola (photo)
Aug 12, 2015,

Texas officials have fired a sheriff’s deputy for killing his K9 partner Jola, and have referred the case to the local district attorney for prosecution