this is a radar image of the buried Nazi gold train (photo)
Sep 13, 2015,

The photo below shows the fabled Nazi gold train, rumored to have been buried in Poland by the Third Reich and discovered this year by two treasure hunters. 

Body of Missing American Tourist Found in Spain (photo)
Sep 13, 2015,

Spanish authorities tweeted this weekend that the body of a missing American tourist has finally been found, months after she vanished while on a walking tour near Astorga Spain. 

Phoenix Freeway Shooter Suspect in Custody in AZ
Sep 12, 2015,

Arizona police investigating a spate of freeway shootings near Phoenix this month descended en masse on a local convenient store yesterday and took a 19-year-old suspect into custody for questioning. 

#MISSING Special Ops Soldier Found Dead in WA
Sep 12, 2015,

An Army spokesman has announced that the #missing special ops soldier who disappeared during a parachuting exercise in Washington State has been found dead

Angelika Graswald: Experts Think Case Against Accused Kayak Killer is Flimsy (photos)
Sep 12, 2015,

The flimsy case against accused kayak killer Angelika Graswald may be worst than circumstantial, say some experts in the field. 

Corpse Slasher Shaynna Sims Ordered to Stand Trial (photo)
Sep 12, 2015,

A judge has ordered corpse slasher Shaynna Sims to stand trial for her premeditated mutilation of a romantic rival’s remains this spring while they lay in casket at an Oklahoma funeral parlor.