Angelika Graswald: Experts Think Case Against Accused Kayak Killer is Flimsy (photos)
Sep 12, 2015,

The flimsy case against accused kayak killer Angelika Graswald may be worst than circumstantial, say some experts in the field. 

Corpse Slasher Shaynna Sims Ordered to Stand Trial (photo)
Sep 12, 2015,

A judge has ordered corpse slasher Shaynna Sims to stand trial for her premeditated mutilation of a romantic rival’s remains this spring while they lay in casket at an Oklahoma funeral parlor. 

End of Affair and Career for Two Lying Cheating GOP Tea Partiers in MI
Sep 11, 2015,

The affair and careers of two lying, cheating GOP Tea Partiers in Michigan has officially ended, now that one has been expelled by her colleagues and the other, facing ouster next, resigned instead. 

911 ATTACKS: Terrorists, or Traitors?
Sep 11, 2015,

The devastating air assault of the World Trade Center in NYC on the morning of September 11th, 2001 was the largest terrorist attack to date on American soil, and it also created one of the world’s biggest crime scenes. 

Jobless Dad is Sole Suspect in Gruesome Triple Stabbing Deaths of His Sons (photo)
Sep 11, 2015,

An out-of-work father with no known criminal past is the sole suspect in the triple stabbing deaths of his three young sons in the backseat of the family car this week in Los Angeles. 

Bodies Found in Home of Dead Minister [Illinois]
Sep 10, 2015,

Halloween has arrived early this year for residents in the Illinois suburb of Riverdale, where at least three bodies and “other remains” have been discovered in the home of a dead minister.