#BREAKING - Professor Shot Dead at Delta State University (campus in lockdown)
Sep 14, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS – a professor has been shot dead at Delta State University in Mississippi and a campus lockdown is in place as police search for the gunman.

Mother of Abandoned Cave Children Arrested in MO
Sep 14, 2015,

The 24-year-old mother of two youngsters found abandoned in a cave on Thursday has been arrested and charged with endangerment. 

Famed Bangladeshi Cricketer Sought for Brutally Beating Child Maid (photo)
Sep 14, 2015,

A famed Bangladeshi cricketer is on the run following his brutal beating of a child maid earlier this month. 

Trio of Copycat Freeway Shooters Arrested in AZ
Sep 14, 2015,

Arizona officials took three copycat freeway shooters into custody over the weekend for a string of slingshot attacks on motorists in moving vehicles. 

Another Reason To Shun Fast Food (identity theft)
Sep 13, 2015,

Two more fast food employees have been busted for providing some customers with less than happy meals, this time at a McDonald’s in Raleigh North Carolina.