BILL COSBY BOMBSHELL Lewd Use of Ludes Ends Lies and Legacy.
Jul 7, 2015,

The Bill Cosby bombshell this week that he long ago confessed to drugging a woman to have sex with her puts an end not only to his ugly lies, but to a legacy carefully crafted over a lifetime.  

TIT FOR TAT: Hacking Team Hack Attack (Italy)
Jul 6, 2015,

In a tit for tat hack attack, malicious IT firm Hacking Team was thoroughly breached last night, including its Twitter account. 

Devil Doc Could Get 175 Years for Phony Cancer Diagnoses (photo)
Jul 6, 2015,

Detroit’s devil doc, Farid Fata, could see himself sentenced today to 175 years in prison for telling hundreds of his healthy patients they had cancer, so he could enrich himself on their expensive “cures.” 

#BREAKING - Shots Fired at Walter Reed Medical Center (Maryland)
Jul 6, 2015,

Police are responding to shots fired at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland today, according to live tweets. 

Baby Missing After Father Leaps From Bridge.
Jul 6, 2015,

Rescue teams are searching the Connecticut River and its banks this morning, hoping to find an infant boy alive whose father jumped from a bridge yesterday. 

Illegal Fireworks Spark Four-Alarm Fires for Fourth of July in CA
Jul 6, 2015,

Illegal fireworks resulted in several major blazes, arrests and injuries in drought-stricken California this Fourth of July weekend.