“It’s not about committing the perfect crime - it’s just about how well you clean it up.”
Sep 22, 2015,

The meticulous handyman shown below is on trial in Brooklyn for killing his still-missing employer and thinks he’s committed “the perfect crime.” There’s just one little hitch, though… 

#BabyDoe Bella Bond Never Stood a Chance - Boston
Sep 22, 2015,

In her brief and indigent existence, #BabyDoe toddler Bella Bond came in contact with many adults, including county social workers, who easily could have saved her but instead walked away with a shrug. 

Greedy peanut-butter exec gets landmark prison term in GA
Sep 22, 2015,

In a landmark case, the owner of Peanut Corp of America has been sentenced in Georgia to nearly 30 years in prison for knowingly selling tainted peanut-butter that sickened hundreds and killed nine. 

Dad who tried to drown his kids was fed up with social services in NC
Sep 21, 2015,

A truly torn North Carolina father called 911 after nearly succeeding in drowning his kids in a public pond. 

BREAKING: Ax Falls on AG Kathleen Kane as Her Law License is Revoked in PA
Sep 21, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: Pennsylvania’s attorney general Kathleen Kane can’t practice law without a license, and hers was just revoked by the state’s highest court. 

#PigGate - David Cameron did not have sex with that porcine ... or did he?
Sep 21, 2015,

David Cameron has been caught with his pants down, if a scathing biography by Lord Ashcroft asserting he had sex with a pig during an initiation rite for the Piers Gaveston Society is true.