Slain Body of Jovita Collazo Found Decades Ago in a Desert Grave IDd in CA
Jul 10, 2015,

The skeletal remains of Jovita Collazo found decades ago in a desert grave in California have at least been identified, officially closing her cold case and giving relatives some closure as well. 

Abusive Judge Jailed Three Kids Who Refused to See Their Abusive Dad (Michigan)
Jul 10, 2015,

An abusive judge jailed three kids who refused to see their abusive dad, informing their horrified mother that the trio would be incarcerated for the nonexistent offense until each one reached their eighteenth birthday. 

Missing Man and Grandson Died in the Desert (Arizona)
Jul 9, 2015,

A missing man and his grandson died in the desert, miles away from each other, after the 12-year-old left with the car keys to get help. 

Three Sisters Missing in Bigfoot Country (photo)
Jul 9, 2015,

A car belonging to three sisters missing in Bigfoot country has finally been located, but the whereabouts of the threesome is still unknown today. 

Cosby Downfall May Soon Include an Arrest Hints LAPD
Jul 9, 2015,

The highly public Cosby downfall may soon include an arrest, as the LAPD confirms that the pariah performer is now the subject of a criminal investigation. 

36 US Marines Found 70 Years After Death Are Finally Going Home (photo)
Jul 8, 2015,

The bodies of 36 US Marines found 70 years after death this month on Betio Island in Kiribati were all killed in WWII during the bloody Battle of Tarawa, and are going home now.