Missing Persons Mystery Deepens in El Dorado CA
Sep 24, 2015,

A missing persons mystery deepens this week as investigators try to ascertain the whereabouts of a family of three and the charred remains of two unidentified victims found on their El Dorado property. 

Patrick Kane Sex Assault Case: Was Rape Kit Tampered With?
Sep 24, 2015,

The Patrick Kane sex assault case is becoming stranger and stranger, as a lawyer for his alleged victim announced yesterday that part of her rape kit was mysteriously left at her mom’s doorstep. 

Celebrity Ghostbusters Found Dead in Murder Suicide (pic)
Sep 24, 2015,

Paranormal TV couple Mark Constantino and Debby Constantino (shown below) were found dead of a murder-suicide this week, after negotiations during a hostage standoff in Nevada broke down. 

Settlement Approved in Maliciously Neutered Pooch Suit (photo)
Sep 23, 2015,

So, how much are the family jewels of a prize-winning show dog worth if they were surgically removed without his proud owner’s permission…? 

Bizarro the Abductor Pleads No Contest to Kidnapping in CA
Sep 23, 2015,

Bizarro the Abductor, Matthew Muller, pleaded no contest to kidnapping charges over the weekend, partially concluding a crazy crime spree that first came to light earlier this year.