#MonkeyingAround - Zeek Okay After Big Escape (photo)
Sep 28, 2015,

Florida police have apprehended Zeek, after the primate perp escaped from his human this morning and went monkeying around the neighborhood. 

Has the Kendra Hatcher Murder Trail Grown Cold Already?
Sep 28, 2015,

It’s been nearly a month since pretty Dr. Kendra Hatcher (below) was gunned down execution-style in a parking garage near her Dallas home, and yet the trail to her killer already seems to have grown cold. 

Abusive Sea-Turtle Rider Arrested in Florida (photos)
Sep 28, 2015,

Shown in the photo below, one of two female suspects who abused sea turtles in their nesting habitat earlier this summer has finally been arrested on a felony warrant. 

Odd Drive-By Shooting Rampage Leaves Trail of Victims in CA
Sep 28, 2015,

An odd drive-by shooting rampage in a quiet California community near Interstate-10 over the weekend has left a trail of motorists injured or slain. 

Munchausen Mania: Another Scary Mom #Busted in NJ
Sep 27, 2015,

A scary New Jersey mom with a serious case of Munchausen mania has been charged for medically abusing her otherwise healthy child, in a bid for public praise and sympathy. 

#ALERT - Carjack Witness Who Fired On Suspects Sought in TX
Sep 27, 2015,

#ALERT - Police in Texas are seeking the identity of a carjack witness who fired on two suspects, possibly drawing blood as they attempted to escape in their stolen vehicle.