Murder Charges for Mom Who Threw Her Newborn to Its Death in NYC
Sep 30, 2015,

The 33-year-old woman who threw her newborn to its death in NYC this week was arrested and charged with infanticide yesterday. 

#DeadManWalking Richard Glossip Asks US Supreme Court for Stay in OK
Sep 30, 2015,

After a two week postponement earlier this month, Oklahoma has denied #DeadManWalking Richard Glossip (shown below) any more time to prove his innocence. 

Newborn with Umbilical Cord Falls to Her Death in NYC
Sep 29, 2015,

NYC officials are investigating how a newborn with her umbilical cord still attached *fell* from a window several stories to her death yesterday. 

After 25 Years, Fugitive Sex Offender Nabbed in Mexico (photo)
Sep 29, 2015,

A fugitive sex offender on the run for 25 years was nabbed yesterday in Mexico. 

Smart Kid Charged for Killing Pregnant Mom, Leaving Her to Rot in TX
Sep 29, 2015,

A “smart” Texas teen has been charged in the murder of his pregnant mom this week, after a neighbor noticed he hadn’t seen her in awhile and found the woman’s corpse rotting in her kitchen. 

#MonkeyingAround - Zeek Okay After Big Escape (photo)
Sep 28, 2015,

Florida police have apprehended Zeek, after the primate perp escaped from his human this morning and went monkeying around the neighborhood.