Most Famous Actor Of All Is An Assassin
Apr 22, 2015,

Born in Maryland the bastard son of a notable British stage actor, he became one of the most famous Shakespearian actors himself before turning twenty, and was said by many adoring fans and critics alike to be the “handsomest man in America.” 

Sheriff Sends Kristen Lindsey Cruelty Case to Prosecutor
Apr 21, 2015,

The sheriff investigating Kristen Lindsey for animal cruelty in the murder of a neighbor’s beloved cat Tiger has completed his enquiry today and sent the case to the District Attorney "for filing of charges under T

India Punishes a Wife for Her Cheating Husband
Apr 21, 2015,

India, already infamous for its gross abuse of females, continues to shame itself as a nation, this time by punishing a wife for the sins of her philandering husband. 

Nazi Death Camp Keeper Says Holocaust Deniers Are DEAD WRONG
Apr 21, 2015,

A retired SS officer at Nazi death camp Auschwitz has finally confessed to his culpability, saying his role in the mass murder campaign of millions was morally corrupt -- and further warning Holocaust deniers they’

Aaron Hernandez On Suicide Watch
Apr 21, 2015,

The football talents of Aaron Hernandez once promised to lead him to a life of fame, wealth, and luxury that is beyond imagination.

Do Black Lives Matter in Baltimore?
Apr 20, 2015,

Baltimore residents are asking if black lives matter, now that a suspect who was mortally wounded while in police custody has died of his injuries at a trauma hospital. 

AMBER ALERT: Brock Guzman, 8 (carjacking)
Apr 20, 2015,

An Amber Alert for Brock Guzman has been issued in Northern California following the carjacking of his parents’ car today at approximately 5:00 in the morning.