Big Bad Snake Busted in Kentucky for Attempted Murder [graphic photo]
Oct 6, 2015,

The fate of a supersized python who turned on its keeper and tried to strangle him to death this week in Newport Kentucky is undecided at the moment. 

UCC Oregon Shooter Manifesto: Another Shirker With a Persecution Complex -
Oct 6, 2015,

Not surprisingly, the melodramatic manifesto of UCC shooter Chris Harper-Mercer reveals a delusional young man with zero self-worth or ambition and an extreme persecution complex

Kentucky Woman #Busted for Binding and Freezing Dead BF:
Oct 6, 2015,

A Kentucky woman has been arrested after deputies performing a welfare check discovered she had hogtied her dead boyfriend, covered his body with lime, and shoved it in the freezer. 

WANTED IN NJ: Rogue Lawyer Phillip Drinkwater III (photo)
Oct 5, 2015,

Gloucester NJ officials are asking the public to be on the lookout for rogue lawyer Phillip Drinkwater III of Pitman, wanted for criminal fraud. 

BREAKING: Amtrak Train Derails in Northfield Vermont -
Oct 5, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: An Amtrak train has derailed in Vermont this morning, about ten miles from the state’s capitol city of Montpelier. 

First responders have already arrived on the scene and are reporting “multiple” injured passengers.

Unspecified Threat Puts Schools On High #Alert in Philly and NYC
Oct 5, 2015,

College campuses in the Philly and NYC metro area have increased security today on alerts issued by the FBI regarding an “unspecified” threat.