David Cassidy in Trouble Again - Like Father Like Son?
Oct 4, 2015,

Former teen idol David Cassidy (shown below) has been busted again -- this time for leaving the scene of an accident in Florida last month. 

Admitted Ponzi Idiot Nabbed in NJ
Oct 3, 2015,

A self-confessed “idiot” crook who perpetrated the sloppiest Ponzi scam in history has been arrested and charged in federal court for criminal fraud. 

Kendra Hatcher Murder-For-Hire: Hitman Busted (mastermind still at large) [photos]
Oct 3, 2015,

The Kendra Hatcher hitman is in police custody at last, but the mastermind who ordered the glamorous Dallas doc’s killing is now at large. 

1984 Cold Case Rape-Murder of Young Girl Solved in PA
Oct 2, 2015,

Pennsylvania authorities have finally arrested two men for the cold case rape and strangulation of a teenage girl over 30 years ago. 

Teen Arrested For Murdering and Burning His Family in El Dorado Cnty.
Oct 2, 2015,

The weeks-long missing persons mystery in El Dorado has been solved by the arrest of a teen boy -- accused of killing his three family members last month and burning their remains in a remote cabin. 

Reward Grows in Murder of Tiny Dog (photo)
Oct 2, 2015,

Weeks after a small Pomeranian was kicked to death and left at his owners’ doorstep with a hateful note attached, the reward for info leading to the arrest of Foxx’s killers has quadrupled. 

#UCC Oregon: Another Mass Shooting in a Gun-Free Zone.
Oct 2, 2015,

Like most mass murderers before him, the cowardly #UCC shooter sought unarmed victims in a gun-free zone to maim and slaughter yesterday.