#GOTCHA – inmate caught after 56 years on the run (then + now mugshots)
May 5, 2015,

An escaped inmate on the run for 56 years has finally been captured vacationing in the backwaters of Florida. 

Battered Mother Lost Custody to Abusive Spouse (special report)
May 5, 2015,

A battered mother lost custody of her kids to an abusive spouse after she refused to participate in court-ordered therapy with her ex-husband who had been convicted on nearly a dozen charges of sexually and physically assaulting he

Roommate From Hell Poisoned Her Housemates
May 5, 2015,

A quarrelsome college student has been booked on felony charges of poisoning and spitting into her roommates’ food. 

#SHORTCHANGED: Police Seek Lottery Winner for Bad Math (video image)
May 4, 2015,

Authorities say an oblivious lottery winner is now the subject of a massive manhunt currently underway in California. 

RIP Fallen K9 Ryder (Athens Ohio)
May 4, 2015,

Fallen K9 Ryder of the Athens County Sheriff’s Office perished in a fire at his handler’s rural Ohio home last month, alongside a domestic housedog and co-protector named Bane. 

Obnoxious Draw Muhammad Contest Draws Gunfire (2 dead)
May 4, 2015,

A Draw Muhammad contest intended to offend Muslims worldwide drew gunfire instead of gaiety, leaving two irate shooters dead and questions about free speech versus hate speech burning in the state of Texas.