Joe Brunn: Missing Man Found Drowned in MN
Oct 12, 2015,

Volunteers searching for missing man Joe Brunn, after the 23-year-old disappeared following a wedding reception earlier this month, have found his body … in the Mississippi River. 

Cowboys v Patriots Shootout: Was Gunman Egged-On by Mob?
Oct 12, 2015,

Texas officials are investigating whether the Cowboys v Patriots shootout that erupted during a postgame brawl at the AT&T stadium yesterday was “egged-on” by a mob that gathered to watch the fight. 

Saudi Woman Catches Husband Molesting Maid On Video (could now be jailed for defamation)
Oct 11, 2015,

A Saudi woman catches her husband molesting their maid on video, posts the incriminating footage online, and, as a result, could now face criminal charges for “defaming” him. 

Irish Rogue Banker David Drumm Busted in Boston MA
Oct 11, 2015,

Shown below, accused Irish rogue banker David Drumm was arrested this weekend in Boston Massachusetts. 

School Settles Suit for Hypnotic Suicides of 3 Students in FLA
Oct 11, 2015,

A Sarasota high school has agreed to compensate the families of three students who committed suicide after illegally being hypnotized by their headmaster. 

Homeless Man’s Human Skull Puppet Not a Halloween Prop - FLA
Oct 11, 2015,

Police in Florida found out this week that a homeless man’s human skull puppet wasn’t a Halloween prop. 

Randy Quaid and Wife Busted at Canadian Border (mugshot)
Oct 10, 2015,

Ex-pat actor Randy Quaid and wife can’t seem to make up their minds about who’s really after them, and where next they should flee for their lives.