Troubled College Footballer Charged for Machete Murder in TX
Oct 13, 2015,

Texas authorities took ex-college footballer Thomas Johnson into custody and charged him for the machete murder of a jogger in a Dallas park on Monday morning

Philippine Boy Finds Downed Malaysian Jet Full of Skeletons - MH370?
Oct 13, 2015,

A Philippine boy hiking the jungle near his village found a downed Malaysian jet “full of skeletons” last month, and officials are now trying to determine if it’s missing flight MH370. 

Cecil The Lion: No Charges for U.S. Poacher, but Zimbabwe Task Force Vows to Pursue Him in USA
Oct 12, 2015,

Zimbabweans won’t press criminal charges against the killer of Cecil the Lion during an illegal big game hunt last July. 

Matt Pugh: Who is Removing Missing Man Posters in Oregon?
Oct 12, 2015,

Somebody is removing thousands of missing man posters concerning a 25-year-old who suspiciously disappeared from his Oregon community weeks ago.  

Joe Brunn: Missing Man Found Drowned in MN
Oct 12, 2015,

Volunteers searching for missing man Joe Brunn, after the 23-year-old disappeared following a wedding reception earlier this month, have found his body … in the Mississippi River. 

Cowboys v Patriots Shootout: Was Gunman Egged-On by Mob?
Oct 12, 2015,

Texas officials are investigating whether the Cowboys v Patriots shootout that erupted during a postgame brawl at the AT&T stadium yesterday was “egged-on” by a mob that gathered to watch the fight. 

Saudi Woman Catches Husband Molesting Maid On Video (could now be jailed for defamation)
Oct 11, 2015,

A Saudi woman catches her husband molesting their maid on video, posts the incriminating footage online, and, as a result, could now face criminal charges for “defaming” him.