NZ Cops Say Missing Student Mandeep Singh Probably Died (But Case is Not Suspicious)
Oct 16, 2015,

The search for missing student Mandeep Singh (below) who disappeared this October from a waterfront bar in Auckland New Zealand has officially ended, upon claims by police that he’s probably dead. 

Evil Stepmom Busted for Abuse Cover-up of Battered Stepdaughter - Connecticut
Oct 16, 2015,

Connecticut police have arrested the evil stepmother below for an elaborate ruse intended to cover-up the fact that she had been severely beating her 5-year-old stepdaughter. 

Cops say slain woman on fence NOT a victim of Chillicothe serial killer - Ohio
Oct 16, 2015,

Ohio cops insist a slain woman found hung on a fence over the weekend is not another victim of the Chillicothe serial killer, despite striking similarities in her case. 

Man Obsessed with Shrink Brutally Slays Her in Home Invasion - Delaware
Oct 16, 2015,

A young man obsessed with a shrink he felt “imprisoned” him in her clinic years ago has brutally slain the psychiatrist at her Hockessin estate, during a predawn home invasion. 

Cold Case Victim Carrie Ann Jopek Haunted Her Killer Till He Confessed (photo)
Oct 16, 2015,

The Carrie Ann Jopek cold case murder has apparently been solved after she “haunted” her killer for three decades to get him to confess. 

Kendra Hatcher Murder-For Hire: Why Was Mastermind Not Arrested ASAP?
Oct 15, 2015,

People are beginning to wonder why the Kendra Hatcher murder-for-hire mastermind, Brenda Delgado -- who’s been on the lam now for weeks -- wasn’t taken into custody ASAP.