Prison for Racist Knockout-Gamer Who Took Selfies of His Victim (mugshot)
Oct 18, 2015,

The grinning racist in the mug-shot below is finally headed to prison for the ‘knockout game’ assault he committed, filmed, and bragged about in 2013. 

#MANHUNT - Deadly Zombie Gunman Sought in FLA
Oct 18, 2015,

A manhunt is underway for the deadly zombie gunman who opened fire on hordes of ZombieCon revelers in Fort Myers Florida yesterday. 

Man Who Killed Terrier with Antifreeze Pleads Castle Doctrine Defense (photos)
Oct 18, 2015,

A young Florida man who murdered his neighbor’s beloved Jack Russell by bottle-feeding the dog an egg laced with antifreeze is pleading a Castle Doctrine defense. 

Judge Sets Actor Randy Quaid and Wife Free in St. Albans VT
Oct 17, 2015,

A Vermont judge dismissed criminal charges against actor Randy Quaid and his wife this week, after the pair was arrested for making an “illegal” border crossing into her state. 

Mystery of Missing Maine Hiker Geraldine Largay Gruesomely Solved (photo)
Oct 17, 2015,

The skeletal remains of missing Maine hiker Geraldine Largay (below) were found in a restricted military zone off the Appalachian Trail this week by an independent Naval contractor. 

NY Cult Church Flogging Death Update (Teen Victims Wanted Out)
Oct 17, 2015,

The cult church family who flogged one teen son to death and left the other in critical condition last week did so because the two youths were going to “leave the fold.”