Corey Jones Death: How was an Unarmed Musician Shot Dead By a Plainclothes Rookie?
Oct 21, 2015,

Florida officials are investigating how unarmed Christian drummer Corey Jones was shot dead by a plainclothes rookie over the weekend. 

James Hubert Explainer: What We Know About His Odd Missing Persons Case - GA
Oct 20, 2015,

Formerly missing Georgia Tech student James Hubert is recovering from his bizarre and brutal disappearance over the weekend, leaving thousands of people to wonder what really happened to him Friday night. 

Body in Freezer is Likely Missing Girl Janiya Thomas – FLA
Oct 20, 2015,

A body found in a freezer this month is likely that of a missing girl whose mother was the subject of child abuse reports long before she disappeared from Florida. 

Two Charged With Cruelty for Beating Senior Dog with Boxing Gloves (sad photo)
Oct 20, 2015,

Two 22-year-old Illinois men have been arrested for the brutal beating of an elderly dog with boxing gloves last week. 

Man Deliberately Drowned Family by Driving Into Lake - AZ
Oct 20, 2015,

Arizona police have determined that a man deliberately drowned his family by driving “at a high rate of speed” into a lake near Phoenix late Saturday night. 

Missing Student Update: James Hubert Found Injured and Incoherent (graphic photo)
Oct 19, 2015,

As seen in the graphic photo below, missing student James Hubert has been found alive by his Georgia Tech classmates today, badly injured and "incoherent." 

Kiddie Cops And Robbers Game Ends Fatally - Chicago
Oct 19, 2015,

A Chicago father who chose guns over sons is facing felony charges today, after one of his boys fatally shot the other while playing Cops and Robbers with dad’s loaded firearm.