Mom of Baby Doe Bella Bond arrested on suspicion of murder - charges pending against BF
Sep 18, 2015,

Massachusetts police have arrested the mother of dead ‘Baby Doe’ Bella Bond (shown alive below) on suspicion that she and/or her boyfriend harmed the child, causing the toddler’s death. 

Cuomo Aide Shot in Head During Bklyn Parade Has Died in NYC
Sep 18, 2015,

A top aide of Governor Cuomo, who was shot in the head during a Labor Day weekend parade earlier this month, has died of his gun wound. 

#BREAKING -- Dead Baby Doe Girl Dumped in MA Identified (suspect being questioned)
Sep 18, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: Shown alive in the photo below, the dead Baby Doe girl found heartlessly dumped in a garbage bag on Deer Island Massachusetts three months ago has been identified as “Bella” and a suspect is being questioned today. 

Second Charleston Church Shooting Suspect Under Investigation (mugshots)
Sep 18, 2015,

The feds have served notice to a second Charleston church shooting suspect that he’s under investigation for his role in concealing Dylann Roof’s mass murder plot this spring. 

Sadist who beat his kitten and injected it with heroin leniently sentenced in PA
Sep 18, 2015,

The sadistic 25-year-old who beat his kitten and injected it with heroin last year has been leniently sentenced this week to only home confinement and community service for his sickening crime. 

Florida woman with knife fetish arrested for 3500 illegal blades (photos)
Sep 18, 2015,

Police seeking to arrest a Florida woman for vandalizing her neighbor’s property with “a large knife” were stunned to find thousands of illegal blades in her house. 

Parents of missing baby Lonzie Barton busted for drugs (again)
Sep 17, 2015,

The photo below shows missing baby Lonzie Barton, whose parents have been busted again for dealing and using drugs.