Severed Legs Found at New Haven Train Station [and at least one arm]
Jul 16, 2015,

A pair of severed legs and “at least one arm” have been found rotting at a train station in New Haven Connecticut yesterday. and authorities aren’t even sure if they belong to the same victim. 

MISSING 40 YEARS: Arrest in Sisters Cold Case Brings Clarity But Not Closure [photos]
Jul 15, 2015,

The world was not a safer place 40 years ago when 12-year-old Sheila Lyon and her 10-year-old sister Katherine went missing … it’s just that children in their era were more naive and trusting.  

Son of Bills Coach Arrested For Assault May Face Charges Too [Florida]
Jul 15, 2015,

The son of Aaron Kromer -- the Bills coach arrested this week for assaulting three boys -- may also be facing criminal charges for the violent altercation. 

Oskar Groening Verdict: Bookkeeper of Auschwitz Guilty As Sin (photo)
Jul 15, 2015,

A court deliberating on the Oskar Groening verdict in Germany has declared the Nazi ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz guilty of aiding in the mass murders of over 300,000 people. 

Search Ends for Missing Baby Ember After Suspect Father Is Shot Dead.
Jul 15, 2015,

Police say the search for missing baby Ember Graham is now suspended after her suspect father was shot dead this week while fleeing an arrest. 

Another Prison Break, Another Manhunt.
Jul 15, 2015,

A Mississippi manhunt is underway for two of four escaped convicts still on the run after the group made a cunning jailbreak on Monday and two were later recaptured. 

NYPD officer Little Miss Dangerous has left the building (photo)
Jul 14, 2015,

NYPD cop “Little Miss Dangerous” has left the building for good, according to department officials who said that their disgraced officer has resigned from the force this month, a day after her latest arrest.