Anti-Semite Serial Arsonist Loose in NYC?
Dec 9, 2015,

A serial arsonist has torched six newly-built Jewish homes in New York City in as many weeks. 

ALERT: Young Navy Officer Vincent Ferdin Missing in SC (see photo)
Dec 8, 2015,

South Carolina officials and the family of missing naval officer Vincent Ferdin (below) are asking the public’s help in finding him. 

Phony U.S. Air Marshal Had Assault Rifle, Body Armor and 8300 Rounds of Ammo - NY
Dec 8, 2015,

New York officials may have thwarted a domestic terror attack late last week during a traffic stop in Long Island. 

Vandals Throw Pig Head At Philly Mosque (graphic image)
Dec 8, 2015,

Police in the City of Brotherly Love are trying to apprehend at least two haters who threw the severed pig head (below) onto the steps of an Arab mosque.  

New Mom of Unwanted Baby Chose Abandonment Over Safe Surrender (photo)
Dec 8, 2015,

California’s Safe Surrender law allows mothers to promptly give up their unwanted newborns to designated agencies, but that’s not what one woman chose to do… 

Burglar Versus Gator Faceoff Yields Unsurprising Results (photo)
Dec 8, 2015,

PHOTO: The criminal career of a 22-year-old Florida man who decided to hide from cops in gator infested waters has come to a swift and predictable end.