San Bernardino Muslim Shooters Were Husband and Wife (Attack Obviously Planned)
Dec 3, 2015,

Investigators can no longer rule out that the San Bernardino mass shooting yesterday was a planned act of terrorism, after learning the pair of masked Muslim shooters were husband and wife. 

#BlackLivesMatter Activist Busted For Fake Twitter Threats Against Black Students (photo)
Dec 2, 2015,

PHOTO: A #BlackLivesMatter activist who attended November protests at New Jersey’s Kean University and “fabricated” online racial threats against her fellow black protestors there has been arrested. 

Thugs Who Beat Disabled Man for Phone Posted Attack Video On His Facebook Page - MI
Dec 2, 2015,

Detroit police say they’ve arrested “two cowards” for viciously mugging a disabled man of his phone, filming their attack with the stolen device, and posting videos of it to his Facebook page. 

MISSING PERSONS ALERT: Eric Kohler, 27yo Hollywood FX Pro (see photo)
Dec 2, 2015,

ALERT: Eric Kohler, a 27-year-old Hollywood special effects pro, mysteriously vanished from Los Angeles County just days before he was expected to spend Thanksgiving with his family. 

WARNING: Amazon Hoverboard Explosion Destroys House (photos)
Dec 2, 2015,

WARNING: A hoverboard purchased last month on Amazon turned into an incendiary device -- and a four alarm fire -- when an excited birthday boy flipped the switch on. 

Why are Ghost Ships of Dead People Haunting Japanese Ports?
Dec 1, 2015,

Japanese officials are investigating the gruesome arrival of ghost ships laden with rotting human corpses and skeletons. 

Dead Arkansas Pet Hoarder Eaten by Her Dogs (photo)
Dec 1, 2015,

Arkansas cops had to shoot about ten “vicious” dogs to get to their owner’s gnawed-on corpse, while dozens more circled the dead pet hoarder’s property.