Aaron Hernandez Does it AGAIN
May 21, 2015,

Incredibly, Aaron Hernandez, the formerly promising NFL star recently convicted of murder, is once again in hot water, proving the pro athlete-turned-lifer just cannot seem to stay out of trouble. 

Sham Cancer Charities Busted for Serious Fraud
May 20, 2015,

A string of sham cancer charities busted this week by the Federal Trade Commission for ripping off tens of thousands of donors, pocketed nearly $200-million in contributions in just a five-year period. 

Serial Bride Leaves Another Guy in the Lurch (the judge)
May 20, 2015,

A bench warrant for a serial bride who’s just left yet another guy in the lurch -- the NYC judge presiding over her criminal case -- was issued on Monday. 

WANTED: Skilled Swordsmen for Saudi Executioners (will train)
May 20, 2015,

Saudis are seeking skilled swordsmen to fill eight vacant positions as executioners, but say they are willing to train the right candidates. 

Woman Who Assaulted the Corpse of Her Dead Rival Rearrested (Shaynna Sims mugshot)
May 19, 2015,

An Oklahoma woman who assaulted the corpse of her dead rival as it was on view in a funeral home last month was rearrested yesterday, after detectives discovered she’d also removed some organs. 

Mexican Child Murderers Are Only Children Themselves
May 19, 2015,

Baffled police say Mexican child murderers are only children themselves, in a shocking case that has the nation’s law enforcement and mental health experts gravely concerned. 

Who Shot Who in Outlaw Motorcycle Club Brawl?
May 19, 2015,

Over 170 in the outlaw motorcycle club shootout that left nine bikers dead and 18 wounded have now been arrested, amid heightened police security and reports of retaliation threats against the cops who fired upon them.