Anonymous Obliterates Over 5500 Daesh Twitter Accounts (kudos)
Nov 17, 2015,

Anonymous just declared war on Islamic State sickos for the Paris attacks, and less than 24 hours after launching that offensive there’s already 5500+ Twitter casualties. 

Man Massacres Six Campers, Dumps Four in His Pond - Texas
Nov 17, 2015,

Texas police have charged William Hudson, 33, with massacring a family of six over the weekend. His motive hasn’t been disclosed yet. 

Justice for Bruno: Young Dog Cruelly Shot Then Left For Dead in NH Woods (photo)
Nov 16, 2015,

The cruel and incompetent shooting of a young mongrel named Bruno by his owner this September has animal rights activists mobilizing in New Hampshire. 

Philip Chism Pleads Insane in Murder Rape of Teacher Colleen Ritzer (photo)
Nov 16, 2015,

The trial of Philip Chism for the rape and murder of math teacher Colleen Ritzer has finally started today, yet it’s already revealed the deadly teen’s “unspeakable” and “t

#Anonymous Declares War on Islamic State - #OpParis
Nov 16, 2015,

Hacker activists group #Anonymous is planning a series of “major cyber attacks” on the Arab extremists who have claimed responsibility for brutally terrorizing Paris this weekend. 

Autopsied Babies a Stomach Churning Find in Philly - PA
Nov 16, 2015,

An unknown doctor had already autopsied two dead babies before their corpses were cruelly disposed of on a rubbish heap in Philly this weekend.