Autopsied Babies a Stomach Churning Find in Philly - PA
Nov 16, 2015,

An unknown doctor had already autopsied two dead babies before their corpses were cruelly disposed of on a rubbish heap in Philly this weekend. 

Jury Convicts Mom Who Microwaved Her Baby to Death - California
Nov 15, 2015,

Sacramento’s infamous Microwave Mom could get life in prison for baking her newborn to death. 

In the spring of 2011, California cops found the one-month-old daughter of Ka Yang badly burned and unresponsive at her home.

MISSING PERSONS ALERT: Nick Stevens, 22, San Clemente - California
Nov 15, 2015,

Shown below, landscape architect Nick Stevens was last seen during the early morning hours of November 6th leaving a convenience store in the San Clemente area. 

Two Black Teens Charged in Murderous Carjacking Joyride - Missouri
Nov 15, 2015,

Two black Missouri teenagers have been charged for fatally carjacking a white motorist and taking the woman’s car on a joyride with her dead body in it

FBI Probes Wrongful Death of Cattle Rancher Shot by Deputies - Idaho
Nov 15, 2015,

Idaho cattleman Jack Yantis died in a barrage of police gunfire on a highway near his ranch while trying to aid a raging bull that was injured after colliding with a vehicle. 

Captive Woman was Raped 6 Times a Day for 5 Weeks - Alaska
Nov 14, 2015,

A woman held captive by her kidnapper says she was raped by him six times a day for five straight weeks, until police rescued her from his Alaska hunting cabin. 

Troubled Teen Committed Suicide by Cobra - Texas
Nov 14, 2015,

Travis County officials have finally concluded that Grant Thompson was suffering from “suicidal ideations” when the 18-year-old let his pet viper bite him multiple times.