France Hunts Militant Moslems Who Killed and Maimed 100s of Unarmed Parisians.
Nov 14, 2015,

French officials report that nearly 150 concert attendees were killed last night in Paris and another 300 or more injured, some critically. None of the victims were armed. 

Body of Missing Student Josue Quispe Washes Up On Plymouth Beach (photo)
Nov 13, 2015,

Shown below, Josue Quispe-Almendro was last seen alive with his brother on October 17th driving to a Somerville shopping plaza.  

Dear Jihadi John, I Am Glad That You Are Dead.
Nov 13, 2015,

Dear Jihadi John:  Rumor has it you’ve been blown to smithereens in a targeted drone attack this week and, if so, I am truly pleased to hear it. 

Are New Yorkers Going Insane?
Nov 13, 2015,

New York City residents suffer from mental illness at the rate of one in five, according to a survey conducted this year by the city’s Department of Health. 

Seven Dead Babies Found in Bavarian Flat - Germany
Nov 13, 2015,

German authorities have cordoned off a Bavarian apartment as a crime scene today, after finding seven dead babies stashed there. 

OFFICIAL: Florida Cop Who Shot Corey Jones Has Been Fired.
Nov 12, 2015,

It’s official: The plainclothes cop who gunned down unarmed church musician Corey Jones last month in Florida is out of a job. 

DCF Child Custody Seizures Soaring - MA
Nov 12, 2015,

The rate at which the Department of Children and Families in Massachusetts is trying to snatch kids from their parents has been skyrocketing.