Are New Yorkers Going Insane?
Nov 13, 2015,

New York City residents suffer from mental illness at the rate of one in five, according to a survey conducted this year by the city’s Department of Health. 

Seven Dead Babies Found in Bavarian Flat - Germany
Nov 13, 2015,

German authorities have cordoned off a Bavarian apartment as a crime scene today, after finding seven dead babies stashed there. 

OFFICIAL: Florida Cop Who Shot Corey Jones Has Been Fired.
Nov 12, 2015,

It’s official: The plainclothes cop who gunned down unarmed church musician Corey Jones last month in Florida is out of a job. 

DCF Child Custody Seizures Soaring - MA
Nov 12, 2015,

The rate at which the Department of Children and Families in Massachusetts is trying to snatch kids from their parents has been skyrocketing. 

MISSING PERSONS ALERT: Eugene Vibar, 33 of Oregon (see poster)
Nov 12, 2015,

Oregon police searching for Eugene Vibar (shown below) are seeking the public’s help in solving the 33-year-old’s missing persons case. 

Legal Woes Loom for A-List Womanizer Who Hid HIV Status - Hollywood
Nov 12, 2015,

A womanizing A-lister who bedded major Hollywood stars but never told them of his HIV status is fearing he’ll be sued -- or worse -- for failing to disclose his contagious condition. 

Defendant Tells Wife Sorry I tried to Kill You Three Times - Tennessee
Nov 11, 2015,

A Tennessee man who pled guilty in court to attempted murder yesterday told his wife he was sorry for trying to have her killed three times.