Blackfish Outrage Ends SeaWorld Orca Shows in San Diego (photo)
Nov 10, 2015,

Facing mounting outrage sparked by the ‘Blackfish’ film exposé, SeaWorld San Diego will be terminating its brutal orca shows. 

BLOODY SUNDAY: Ex British Soldier Arrested for 1972 Massacre - Ireland
Nov 10, 2015,

Irish authorities still pursuing justice for victims of the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre have reportedly taken a 66-year-old former British soldier into custody. 

Naked Couple Killed at Lemon Hill Lovers Lane Were Two Timing - Philly
Nov 10, 2015,

Philadelphia police say a naked couple gunned down while having sex at Lemon Hill Lovers Lane on Friday night were undoubtedly the victims of a “crime of passion.” 

Gang Raped, Robbed and Drowned - South Africa
Nov 9, 2015,

A peaceful and picturesque South African park became a place of terror for two married couples taking an evening stroll together late last month. 

IDENTITY THEFT: Top 4 Ways You Make Yourself a Target (and how not to)
Nov 9, 2015,

Identify theft is a fast growing industry. Below are the top four ways you’re inadvertently making yourself a perfect target: 

BREAKING NEWS: Subway Shooter Opens Fire at Rush Hour in NYC
Nov 9, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: A manhunt is underway for a subway shooter this morning who opened fire during rush hour near the Penn Station stop in Manhattan.