Spontaneous Combustion: Fiery Death of Pub Owner Probed for Foul Play - Wyoming
Nov 7, 2015,

Wyoming officials are investigating the possibility that a woman who died in a deadly ring of fire at the pub she owns was the victim of foul play. 

SEXTING 101: Scores of School Kids Busted for Kiddie Porn - Colorado
Nov 7, 2015,

Colorado prosecutors are faced with the daunting possibility of having to criminally charge over a hundred school kids for creating and distributing kiddie porn on their cell phones. 

Former Top Aide to Vladimir Putin Found Dead in DC - Maryland
Nov 7, 2015,

Longtime Putin aide, Mikhail Lesin, was found dead in a Washington DC hotel room on Thursday and Maryland officials are probing the circumstances of the millionaire’s sudden death. 

Escaped Murderer Captured After 37 Years On the Run - Ohio
Nov 6, 2015,

An escaped Ohio murderer -- nabbed this week in Minnesota -- had sawed his way to freedom 37 years ago. 

Oscar Juarez, 66, gunned down a Toledo man in 1975 but busted out of the Marion Correctional facility three years later using a hacksaw blade.

CORONER: 8yo Boy is One of the Youngest People to Commit Suicide - Nevada
Nov 6, 2015,

An 8-year-old Las Vegas boy who shot himself in the head last month has entered the record books posthumously as one of the youngest people ever to commit suicide. 

POLICE: Rival Gang of Gangster Dad Assassinated His 9yo Son [see photo and reward]
Nov 6, 2015,

Police now call the shooting death of a 9-year-old “lured” into a Chicago alley this week an "assassination,” allegedly executed by a rival gang of the dead boy’s gangster father. 

CLIMATE KILLERS INC.: What Did Exxon Heads Know, and When Did They Know It?
Nov 6, 2015,

If top prosecutors in New York State have their way now, conniving climate killers like Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum and Shell Oil are headed down tobacco road.