BREAKING NEWS: Subway Shooter Opens Fire at Rush Hour in NYC
Nov 9, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: A manhunt is underway for a subway shooter this morning who opened fire during rush hour near the Penn Station stop in Manhattan. 

Did Mother of Murdered Chicago Boy Buy a Car with GoFundMe Burial Donations?
Nov 9, 2015,

[PHOTO] The mother of the Chicago boy who was murdered last week by his father’s rival gang is being accused of using GoFundMe burial donations to buy herself a new car. 

No Missing Persons Report for Ashley Bortner - Found Bound, Slain and Burned (photo)
Nov 9, 2015,

The bound and murdered woman left ablaze on train tracks in Bridgewater Massachusetts last week has been identified as “wild child” Ashley Bortner of New Jersey. 

MANILA AIRPORT SCAM: Bullet, Bullet, Who’s Got the Bullet?
Nov 8, 2015,

International outrage continues to mount over Manila Airport's bogus bullet scam. 

No Arrest Yet in Shooting of Judge Julie Kocurek - Texas
Nov 8, 2015,

Despite a massive manhunt, Texas officials have still not apprehended -- nor even identified -- the shooter of a female state court judge Friday night. 

Bucharest Bar Blaze: Colectiv Death Toll and Arrests Climb - Romania
Nov 8, 2015,

As Colectiv’s death toll rises, Romanian police have made another arrest for the Bucharest bar blaze that’s left hundreds of young people maimed and nearly four-dozen dead so far. 

Why was a Texas Woman Arrested for Reporting Animal Cruelty?
Nov 7, 2015,

The conscientious Texas woman who outed owners of a “porch pooch” puppy for animal cruelty this month was arrested herself, although no charges were pressed against the alleged abusers.