Yer a good man, Charlie Brown, but you broke the law (again)
Sep 26, 2015,

The former voiceover of cartoon kid Charlie Brown was charged Friday in San Diego County for threatening a judge, a witness, and a cop. 

Patrick Kane Rape Case: Evidence Bag was a Hoax (lawyer resigns)
Sep 25, 2015,

The lawyer for a woman accusing Patrick Kane of raping her has withdrawn from the case, hours after a *planted* evidence bag he complained to the media about was revealed to be a hoax. 

“Joe Killed My Mommy”
Sep 25, 2015,

A murder suspect is in custody in PA after a little boy drenched in blood told cops “Joe Killed my mommy.” 

Another Saudi Royal Suspect Busted in the U.S.
Sep 25, 2015,

Another Saudi prince has been busted on suspicion of behaving in a less than princely manner while on U.S. soil. 

Stampeding Mecca to Stone the Devil (photos)
Sep 25, 2015,

Heat-exhausted Haji pilgrims stampeding Mecca on Thursday left hundreds crushed to death, in the worst such incident to occur during the religious stoning ritual in decades. 

Cop Who Fatally Struck Pedestrian Smelled of Booze - IMPD
Sep 25, 2015,

The off-duty Indianapolis cop who fatally struck a pedestrian last night “smelled of alcohol,” according to an IMPD supervisor who was among the first responders on the scene. 

Garfield Park Dismemberment Update: Missing Baby Link Probed by CPD
Sep 24, 2015,

The worried mother of a missing baby boy doesn’t think the Garfield Park dismembered toddler’s sketch below is that of her two-year-old son.