Over 50-million viewers of dead Baby Doe cannot ID her -- can you?
Jul 12, 2015,

Please take a good look at dead Baby Doe in the police artist’s composite photo of her below… 

Over 50-million people have already viewed this haunting portrait online, and yet thus far no one recognizes the deceased and discarded child.

Who Hid the Phone Cam in a Starbucks Restroom This Time?
Jul 12, 2015,

Police are investigating who hid the phone cam in a Starbucks restroom -- this time in Lancaster California. 

Men Stole a Backhoe to Steal an ATM
Jul 12, 2015,

Two middle-aged men stole a backhoe to steal an ATM this weekend, and are in custody now for their stupid crime. 

MANHUNT: Father of Missing Baby At Large and Dangerous (Happy Valley CA)
Jul 12, 2015,

A manhunt is on for the father of a missing baby girl he claimed had been taken from her crib on July 2, 2015 by a stranger, but who police now believe he may have harmed himself. 

BENEATH THE SAND: Beach Blast Sends Bomb Squads to RI
Jul 11, 2015,

Police are seeking the source of a beach blast today that resulted in one injury and a massive evacuation of beachgoers in Rhode Island. 

Inmate Vivisected During a Prison Riot Still Has No Guts (Cali)
Jul 11, 2015,

The body of an inmate vivisected during a prison riot this past May is still missing its internal organs, say investigators trying to solve the murder mystery. 

ALERT: Port Authority Rapist Sought by NYPD
Jul 11, 2015,

Police are searching for the Port Authority rapist who sexually assaulted a 21-year-old woman in the bus terminal’s parking garage last night.