Colectiv Owners Face Charges for Deadly Bucharest Bar Blaze (31 dead, 100s injured)
Nov 2, 2015,

Investigators probing the deadly Bucharest bar blaze that left 31 patrons dead and 200 more injured this weekend are weighing criminal charges against the club’s owners for safety violations. 

Australia Eyes Former Couple in Wynarka and Belanglo Forest Murders (photo album)
Nov 2, 2015,

Australian officials are eying a former couple for the 2008 Wynarka and Belanglo Forest murders of a missing woman and her baby -- the latter found slain this spring in a suitcase beside a highway. 

EXPLAINER: If You Pet a Tiger You Will Most Likely Get Bitten.
Nov 2, 2015,

Police in Omaha Nebraska want everyone to know that “if you pet a tiger you will most likely get bitten” -- just in case “you had any doubt.” 

Right-To-Die Doc Facing Jail for Euthanasia Attempts Suicide - France
Nov 2, 2015,

Convicted right-to-die physician Dr. Nicolas Bonnemaison was found near death in his vehicle on Saturday morning, after a deliberate overdose. 

German College Student Murdered in 1984 Found Alive and Well in 2015 (see photo)
Nov 1, 2015,

How could a suspect have confessed to killing Petra Pazsitka 31 years ago when she wasn’t even dead…? 

Doctor Convicted of Overdose Murders in LA
Nov 1, 2015,

Los Angeles physician Lisa Tseng is the first U.S. doctor ever to be convicted of murder for prescribing painkillers to unstable patients that resulted in their fatal overdoses.