Facebook Friending Fatalities Trending Now
Mar 9, 2015, - 0 Comments

WARNING: Facebook friending can be fatal, especially when done while operating a motor vehicle. 

Jihadi Johnny 'Sorry'
Mar 9, 2015, - 0 Comments

Jihadi Johnny -- aka Mohammed Emwazi -- has apologized to his folks for forcing them into hiding on account of his barbaric role in terrorist beheadings. 

Putin Killed Nemtsov Kremlin Critics Claim
Mar 8, 2015, - 0 Comments

Ex KGB-man Putin killed Nemtsov, critics of the Kremlin are claiming, adding that the president’s hunt for fictitious suspects is no small farce.

Symbolic Selma Marches Peaceful In Comparison
Mar 8, 2015, - 0 Comments

Symbolic Selma marches are being staged this weekend, but these calm commemorations differ sharply with the original events:

Unarmed, Black, and Dead
Mar 8, 2015, - 0 Comments

Another unarmed black man is dead at the hands of a white police officer and another city’s streets are filling with protesters. 

Police Protection for Jodi Arias Holdout Juror
Mar 7, 2015, - 0 Comments

The sole Jodi Arias juror responsible for a hung sentencing-jury this week, and thereby freeing Travis Alexander’s killer from a death sentence, is being threatened with death herself now.