Cosby Downfall May Soon Include an Arrest Hints LAPD
Jul 9, 2015,

The highly public Cosby downfall may soon include an arrest, as the LAPD confirms that the pariah performer is now the subject of a criminal investigation. 

36 US Marines Found 70 Years After Death Are Finally Going Home (photo)
Jul 8, 2015,

The bodies of 36 US Marines found 70 years after death this month on Betio Island in Kiribati were all killed in WWII during the bloody Battle of Tarawa, and are going home now. 

TWO BUCKS: Captive Deer No Petty Crime in WV
Jul 8, 2015,

Police have charged a man who kept captive deer inside his rural West Virginia home, although why anyone but Santa would want to do such a thing remains an unsolved mystery

Mom Who Killed Tot Over Toileting Issues Arrested (Pittsburgh)
Jul 8, 2015,

A mother who strangled her toddler over toileting issues last month and who then threw the slain child’s body into a ravine has now been arrested in Pittsburgh. 

Jul 8, 2015,

Police have found the drowned baby of a bridge-jumper who maliciously took the infant boy with him into the Connecticut River to spite the child’s mom, but who didn’t die himself. 

Trail to Vyapam Scam Littered With Dead Bodies (the scandal at a glance)
Jul 8, 2015,

India’s already sensational Vyapam scam is progressively turning into a massive whodunit mystery too, as both bribery suspects and those attempting to apprehend them have begun dropping like flies

Tallahassee Lassie Slugged by DeAndre Johnson Was Asking For It, Says Atty.
Jul 7, 2015,

A lawyer for fired QB DeAndre Johnson says the Tallahassee lassie who “Mr. Football” slugged with a sucker punch that ultimately cost him a player position at Florida State University, was basically asking for it.