Disinherited Druggie Son of Jeannette and Jeffrey Navin Killed Them for Profit (photo)
Nov 1, 2015,

Connecticut police say drug-addicted Kyle Navin killed his parents for financial gain, after learning they were about to disinherit him. 

Halloween Horror as Car Collides with Trick-Or-Treaters in NYC
Nov 1, 2015,

A street crowded with trick-or-treaters and a careening car turned Halloween into a real life horror yesterday in New York City. 

Smirking Convicted Rapist Owen Labrie Still Free, as NH Weighs More Charges (see photo)
Oct 31, 2015,

Convicted and sentenced rapist Owen Labrie still remains free on bail while the prep school grad once more tries to overturn his felony conviction for luring a child via the Web and sexually assaulting her. 

MISSING PERSONS ALERT: Rose Downwind, 31 from MN (see reward poster)
Oct 31, 2015,

Shown in the reward poster below, Rose Downwind went missing a week after the abduction and murder of 18-year-old Minnesota student

Bare Naked Kissing Bandit Pleads Innocent - Portland Oregon
Oct 31, 2015,

A 32-year-old kissing bandit is accused of burglarizing a Portland Oregon couple as they slept, then stripping bare naked to climb into bed with them. 

Missing Youth Found Dead in Woods Off I-95 Was Murdered - Maryland
Oct 31, 2015,

A missing persons report was filed for Thomas Pope one day before the youth’s body was found in a wooded area off I-95 in Baltimore County Maryland. 

Bodies of Missing Couple Jeannette and Jeffrey Navin Believed to Have Been Found Inside Abandoned House in Bridgeport Conn.
Oct 30, 2015,

Police searching for missing Connecticut couple Jeanette and Jeffrey Navin (below) made a grisly discovery yesterday in an abandoned house near Bridgeport: 

Two dead bodies.