Missing Youth Mitchell Veenhuis Found Dead In Submerged Vehicle - Canada
Oct 30, 2015,

Canadian authorities say the body of Mitchell Veenhuis (below) has been found in his submerged vehicle, two weeks after the 22-year-old vanished without a trace. 

ALERT: U.S. Trader Josh Sanchez-Maldonado, 24, Missing in London (see photo)
Oct 30, 2015,

ALERT: American stock trader, Josh Sanchez-Maldonado (shown below) is missing in London a week after the young man didn’t return to the U.S. following his overseas job interview. 

Cops Want to Chat With Missing Man Ronald Shumway About His Bag Of Bones (see photo)
Oct 29, 2015,

Dallas police want to chat with missing man Ronald Shumway about a bag of bones they found under the patio of his recently-sold Oak Cliff home. 

Amnesty International: Australia is Bribing Human Traffickers to Go Away.
Oct 29, 2015,

Amnesty International is accusing Australia of bribing human traffickers to go away -- endangering boatloads of asylum seekers via a secretive pogrom dubbed ‘Operation Sovereign Borders.’ 

Video Shows James Hubert Jumped Himself - GA
Oct 29, 2015,

Sources say James Hubert did not get “jumped” as his mother asserted after the missing Georgia Tech student was found badly ‘beaten” near railroad tracks, but rather jumped himself -- onto a moving train. 

Jerry Sandusky: More Charges for Convicted Pedo?
Oct 29, 2015,

Penn State’s convicted pedophile coach Jerry Sandusky is already serving up to 60 years in prison, but now he faces the prospect of additional sex abuse charges and a lengthened sentence. 

Ex-Speaker Dennis Hastert Tells Judge He Knew He Did Wrong - Chicago
Oct 28, 2015,

Disgraced ex-speaker Dennis Hastert admitted to intentional wrongdoing today in an illicit banking scheme that centered around child sex-abuse allegations and hush money.