Jerry Sandusky: More Charges for Convicted Pedo?
Oct 29, 2015,

Penn State’s convicted pedophile coach Jerry Sandusky is already serving up to 60 years in prison, but now he faces the prospect of additional sex abuse charges and a lengthened sentence. 

Ex-Speaker Dennis Hastert Tells Judge He Knew He Did Wrong - Chicago
Oct 28, 2015,

Disgraced ex-speaker Dennis Hastert admitted to intentional wrongdoing today in an illicit banking scheme that centered around child sex-abuse allegations and hush money. 

Epic Jewel Thief Doris Payne Caught Red-Handed (again)
Oct 28, 2015,

The world’s longest active and most successful jewel thief, Doris Payne, lied about making a career change. 

FROZEN: What Caused Young Cryotherapist to Freakishly Die in Seconds?
Oct 28, 2015,

Police are investigating what caused a young cryotherapist to “die in seconds” inside a chryotherapy tank at the Las Vegas beauty salon where she worked, then freeze there “rock-hard solid” overnight. 

Cops Seek Help Solving the Nevis Sterling Disappearance and Drowning in LA
Oct 28, 2015,

Louisiana officials are seeking the public’s help in solving the suspicious disappearance and drowning death of a young man from St. Mary Parish this weekend. 

Missing Student Mandeep Singh Found Drowned in NZ
Oct 28, 2015,

Missing student Mandeep Singh (below) vanished without a trace on October 10, 2015 while at an Auckland waterfront dance club with his friends. 

Zoe Hastings Murder Update: DNA Led to Arrest of Sex Predator - TX
Oct 27, 2015,

Dallas detectives working the Zoe Hastings murder case have announced that DNA was used to swiftly bring the suspect into custody over the weekend.