The Latest from Brussels Lockdown (Terror Twits and Cat Pics)
Nov 23, 2015,

Levity arises amid a massive #BrusselsLockdown and high alert, as brave Belgians “shelter in place” with their equally courageous kitties… 

Junkie Jihadists: Guns, Games, Gay Sex and ISIS
Nov 23, 2015,

PHOTO: Officials in Brussels seeking to apprehend the holdout Paris bomber should be looking for him in hashish houses or gay bars, apparently. 

Justice For Apollo: Man Who Slowly Strangled Dog Charged With Cruelty (see photos)
Nov 22, 2015,

Pennsylvania police have charged Jason French below for tortuously strangling to death his adopted dog ‘Apollo’ because the black Labrador “wouldn’t stop barking.” 

Missing Woman Lilia Aucapina Found Hanged: Did Ex Hubbie Kill Her?
Nov 22, 2015,

PHOTOS: A hunter has found missing woman Lilia Aucapina hanging in woods behind her Long Island home, over a month after her ex husband was arrested for violating a restraining order. 

Crimea is Powerless (literally)
Nov 22, 2015,

Saboteurs have turned the lights out on Crimea this weekend… 

Baby Lyndon Albers: Baffling Abduction Leads To Busted Babysitter (photos)
Nov 22, 2015,

The photo below shows Baby Lyndon Albers months before her brutal predawn abduction from her Massachusetts home this weekend… 

Man Arrested in Rape and Drowning of 7yo Gabbi Doolin - Kentucky
Nov 21, 2015,

Seven-year-old Gabbi Doolin was at a pewee football game with her family last Saturday night when she mysteriously got separated from them… 

The Kentucky girl was found less than a half-hour later in a nearby creek, raped and asphyxiated.