International Terror Alert and Travel Warnings Issued by the U.S.
Nov 24, 2015,

ALERT: Americans across the globe are being warned that the chances they’ll be targeted by terrorists during the upcoming holidays are greater than ever. 

Baby Lyndon Albers Sitter-Turned-Kidnapper Abi Hanna is Totally Psychotic (photos)
Nov 23, 2015,

Shown arrested below, accused baby-snatcher Abigail Hanna was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation today, after her lawyer told the court she’s “hearing voices” and probably insane. 

Obsession Eyed in Fatal Stabbing of Allatoona HS Teen by Her Adoring Cousin - GA
Nov 23, 2015,

PHOTOS: Loved ones of a popular and pretty Georgia teen who was fatally knifed by her adoring step cousin on November 14th think “obsession” was the motive. 

MISSING PERSONS ALERT: Anthony Urena, 23 of NYC (see photo)
Nov 23, 2015,

Police seek the public’s help in locating Anthony Urena (shown below) who they say vanished without a trace a week ago after leaving a NYC nightclub intoxicated. 

The Latest from Brussels Lockdown (Terror Twits and Cat Pics)
Nov 23, 2015,

Levity arises amid a massive #BrusselsLockdown and high alert, as brave Belgians “shelter in place” with their equally courageous kitties… 

Junkie Jihadists: Guns, Games, Gay Sex and ISIS
Nov 23, 2015,

PHOTO: Officials in Brussels seeking to apprehend the holdout Paris bomber should be looking for him in hashish houses or gay bars, apparently.