WARNING: Amazon Hoverboard Explosion Destroys House (photos)
Dec 2, 2015,

WARNING: A hoverboard purchased last month on Amazon turned into an incendiary device -- and a four alarm fire -- when an excited birthday boy flipped the switch on. 

Why are Ghost Ships of Dead People Haunting Japanese Ports?
Dec 1, 2015,

Japanese officials are investigating the gruesome arrival of ghost ships laden with rotting human corpses and skeletons. 

Dead Arkansas Pet Hoarder Eaten by Her Dogs (photo)
Dec 1, 2015,

Arkansas cops had to shoot about ten “vicious” dogs to get to their owner’s gnawed-on corpse, while dozens more circled the dead pet hoarder’s property. 

Hunters Asked to Search for Body of Jamie Robertson, Missing in Mass.
Dec 1, 2015,

Shown below, missing man Jamie Robertson was duped to his presumed death by two armed men impersonating probation officers. 

Hi Ho Sheldon Silver Away (Corrupt NY Assembly Speaker Convicted)
Dec 1, 2015,

PHOTO: A New York jury convicted notorious assembly-speaker Sheldon Silver of political corruption and multimillion-dollar kickbacks yesterday. 

Did Someone Murder The Mayor-Elect of Juneau Alaska?
Dec 1, 2015,

PHOTO: Alaskan officials are “actively investigating” the sudden death of Juneau’s newly elected mayor, Greg Fisk. 

Body Found in Marsh Is Likely Tyler Berg - Minnesota
Nov 30, 2015,

Police confirm a body found in a Minnesota marsh during Sunday’s search for Tyler Berg is that of “an adult male.”