Hi Ho Sheldon Silver Away (Corrupt NY Assembly Speaker Convicted)
Dec 1, 2015,

PHOTO: A New York jury convicted notorious assembly-speaker Sheldon Silver of political corruption and multimillion-dollar kickbacks yesterday. 

Did Someone Murder The Mayor-Elect of Juneau Alaska?
Dec 1, 2015,

PHOTO: Alaskan officials are “actively investigating” the sudden death of Juneau’s newly elected mayor, Greg Fisk. 

Body Found in Marsh Is Likely Tyler Berg - Minnesota
Nov 30, 2015,

Police confirm a body found in a Minnesota marsh during Sunday’s search for Tyler Berg is that of “an adult male.” 

Wife of Actor Sean Connery Charged in Illicit Goldfinger Scheme - Spain
Nov 30, 2015,

Actor Sean Connery's wife of 40 years, Micheline Roquebrune, has been charged by Spanish prosecutors for her role in a fraudulent real estate scheme dubbed Goldfinger. 

#EXPLAINER: This Is What Happens to Dogs Whose Snouts Are Taped Shut (graphic)
Nov 30, 2015,

The graphic photograph below explains why taping a dog’s snout is not only cruel, but dangerous to its health. 

Father Fed Slain Son to the Pigs - Kansas City
Nov 30, 2015,

A Kansas City father suspected of beating his 7-year-old to death and feeding the boy’s corpse to his pigs is being held on $10-million bond while police continue to investigate. 

Family of Missing Student Tyler Berg Seeks Help Finding 24yo (photo, tip-line, link)
Nov 29, 2015,

Shown in the photo below, 24-year-old Tyler Berg vanished without a trace from St. Cloud Minnesota on November 22nd.