ALERT: Michael Cavallari, 30, Missing From Green River Utah (see photo)
Dec 6, 2015,

Missing man Michael Cavallari (shown below) is brother to TV actress Kristin Cavallari and brother-in-law to Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler. 

World War Zimmerman (the saga continues)
Dec 6, 2015,

George Zimmerman continues to wage war on the universe, but not through Twitter anymore… 

Unknown Man Struck By Truck: Can You Identify This Victim?
Dec 5, 2015,

Houston officials are asking for the public’s help in identifying the below man, struck by a truck as he was in a Bellaire Boulevard crosswalk after dark on November 24th. 

Little Girl Hugged Her Killer Before Dying (photo)
Dec 5, 2015,

PHOTO: A 7-year-old Michigan girl hugged her killer before he shot her to death and critically wounded her mom. 

If you take away our guns what are we going to shoot the terrorists with?
Dec 5, 2015,

The New York Times has published a front-page editorial today blaming America’s active-shooter problem on, well, firearms of course. 

Spokane Cop Raped His Fellow Officer When She was Unconscious - Washington
Dec 5, 2015,

Washington officials say a Spokane cop who raped his fellow officer when she was unconscious will finally be prosecuted for sex assault. 

Flight Risk Oscar Pistorius Ordered to Appear in Court ASAP (photo)
Dec 4, 2015,

South African prosecutors today have demanded Oscar Pistorius appear in court ASAP “as a matter of extreme urgency.”